Oduduwa University School fees for 2018

Oduduwa University School fees for 2018

Can you afford to pay Oduduwa University school fees for the 2018 academic session? Why do people desire to study in this educational institution? What are actual benefits of studying there? Continue reading to find out more!

Oduduwa University School fees for 2018

Oduduwa University review

Oduduwa University has already provided information about the new school fees that for the 2018 academic session. Do not forget that students are advised to pay early if they want to avoid extra charges.

Oduduwa University School fees for 2018
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Let’s take a look at the whole list of Oduduwa University school fees starting from the fees for the old student.

Old Students Fees

Regular courses

Courses: Quantity Surveying Department, Estate Management, Architecture, Mathematics, Finance, Banking, Political Science, Public Administration, International Relations, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting.

  • Tuition Fee: N 160,000
  • Hospital: N 8,000
  • Library: N 2,000
  • Total: 170,000

Average practical courses

Courses: Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics.

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  • Tuition Fee: N 185,000
  • Hospital: N 8,000
  • Library: N 2,000
  • Total: 195,000

Major practical courses

Courses: Computer Science, Mass Communication.

  • Tuition Fee: N 185,000
  • Hospital: N 8,000
  • Library: N 2,000
  • Total: 195,000

Notes about fees for old students

  • Do not forget that old students are also requested to pay for the several services provided by Oduduwa University. They includes the following:
  • Books fee – N10,000
  • Matriculation number that is provided on separate teller (Acceptance fee) should be paid exactly N 50,000 (Non-refundable).
  • All necessary information about these fees you can take from the official website of Oduduwa University.
  • No more course forms are provided.
  • Internet facility payment is N 2,500.

New Student Fees

Oduduwa University School fees for 2018
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These fees are provided for the newcomers into the university. Therefore, in this section, you will find the latest information about the school fees.

Group A courses

  • Course: B.Sc. Quantity Survey, B.Sc. Estate Manager, B.Sc. Computer Engineering, B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, B.Sc. Physics.
  • Total fees per semester: N 155,000
  • Nationality: Nigeria

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Group B courses

  • Course: B.Sc. Banking and Finance, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, B.Sc. Architecture, B.Sc. Political Science, B.Sc. Public Administration.
  • Total fees per semester: N 195,000
  • Nationality: Nigeria

Group C courses

  • Course: B.Sc. Biochemistry, B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. Microbiology, B.Sc. International Relations, B.Sc. Business Administration, B.Sc. Mass Communication, B.Sc. Accounting, B.Sc. Economics.
  • Total fees per semester: N 295,000
  • Nationality: Nigeria

Group D courses

  • Course: M.Sc. and MBA
  • Total fees per semester: N 210,000 on weekdays and N290,000 on part-time
  • Nationality: Nigeria

Group E courses

  • Course: Access Degree and Pre Degree
  • Total fees per semester: N 98,000
  • Nationality: Nigeria
Oduduwa University School fees for 2018
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Notes for the new students

New students should pay N10,000 for books.

New students are to pay non-refundable acceptance fee of N50,000.

Do not forget about the scholarship available for this university. It will help you to get up to the 100% discount for tuition fees.

Bank accounts

You can pay the tuition fee on one of the following bank accounts.

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  • Wema Bank A/C 0122275995
  • UBA A/C 1017690523
  • GT Bank A/C 0117709602
  • Zenith Bank A/C


Oduduwa University School fees for 2018
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If you want to stay in the university, then you can choose one of the following hostels to stay:

  • Ramon Adedoin Presidential Hall in The Polytechnic
  • Ramon Adedoin Presidential Hall inside OUI
  • A Groove Hall in Ife Town
  • Hilton Hall in Ife Town
  • Obalufe Hall in Ife Town
  • OUI staff quarters inside Oduduwa University
  • Maye Hall in Ife Town
  • Oba S.F. in Omisakin Hall situated in Ife Town
  • Kings Hall in Ife Town
  • God’s Time Hostel in Ife Town
  • Oranmiyan Hall in Ife Town
  • Oyetade Hall inside Oduduwa University
  • Maye Hall inside Oduduwa University
  • Adeline Hall inside Oduduwa University

More notes about Oduduwa University school fees

  • You will need to pay for the hostel only with a separate teller. Do not forget that hostel fees should be paid together with school fees.
  • You will also need to pay the exemption from hostel fee. The fee is N 26,000 per one semester and N 52,000 per session.
  • If you want school meals, then you can always take food plates that range from N 100 to N 300. You can also take your refrigerator with you. They are allowed in the hostel just for N 10,000.
  • You should avoid paying any staff or any other student. It’s advised to pay directly through your bank. Do not forget that if your parents are paying for you, then your name must be written on the teller – not your parents’ names.
  • Avoid fraudsters who may ask you pay the fees through them. They may ask for a lesser price, but it will not make you a student of the university.

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Oduduwa University School fees for 2018
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Oduduwa University school fees are pretty affordable. Therefore, there are almost no problems in becoming one of the students for Oduduwa University. For now, everything depends on you. Will you take this chance and become a student of this educational institution or will you wait and choose something else? It’s completely up to you!

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