Poor cities in Kenya: top 5

Poor cities in Kenya: top 5

What poor cities in Kenya do you know? You won’t believe what Top 5 cities in this country are the poorest! It’s a magnificent land with wonderful people and places. You will need to visit it at least once in your life. You will never regret it! Now, let’s take a look at the top 5.

Poor cities in Kenya: top 5

Kenya country review

Kenya is a founding member of the East African Community and one of the largest countries on the continent. The biggest city and the capital of this country is Nairobi. This country covers over 580,000 square kilometers of the landmass. The approximate population for is about 48 million people.

Kenya is provided to be a very young nation where 73% of the population is below 30 years. It’s connected with the large population growth during the previous 70 years. They managed to get the population from 3 million up to 40 million now.

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Poor cities in Kenya: top 5
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Kenya is divided into several ethnic groups, like Meru, Kisii, Kamba, Kalenjin, Luo, Luhya and Kikuyu. The considered area of Kenya is devoted to wildlife. You can find the Big Five game animals here, which are the elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard, and lion. The great amount of wildlife is located across the Mara River.

Nevertheless, Kenya is famous not only for its wildlife but also for urban life. For the last century, this country made significant progress. However, it’s still ranked as one of the weakest economies according to the Human Development Index. The important agricultural sector of the country is mainly inefficient.

Kenya is usually classified as a developing country with a frontier market. It also provides to be one of the lowest places to start any business. Kenya does not provide much of choice in creating business opportunities. Most of these opportunities are sabotaged by the high level of corruption in the country which does not allow businesses to grow.

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Poor cities in Kenya: top 5
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Most of the population live either in the rural area or slums. The middle-class percentage of the population is pretty low. The difference between the poorest citizens and the richest is significant. The largest portion of the population works in the agricultural sector of the economy. For today, around 30% of children in Kenya work. Most of the children labor is concentrated in the rural areas of the country.

Therefore, even the best places in Kenya might not be the best due to the poor situation in the country. Let’s take a look at the top 5 poorest cities in Kenya!

Top 5 poorest cities

5. Lodwar

Poor cities in Kenya: top 5
Source: wikipedia.com

It’s one of the largest cities in the North-West of Kenya. The overall population of this city is pretty small. It’s just 48,000 people. This city is the capital of Turkana Country. This city struggles from the shortage of supplies. The main problem is connected with the electricity. Only 35% of citizens in Lodwar may have access to power.

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Another great problem is connected is the low rates of jobs. Most of the population work in the agricultural sector. Kids also play a significant role in providing assistance to the economy of this city.

4. Vihiga

Poor cities in Kenya: top 5
Source: the-star.co.ke

It’s another small and poor city located in the West of the country. Can you believe that it’s located only five kilometers from the equator? The population of this city is a little bit more than 118,000 people. The majority of the demographics is presented by Maragoli.

This small city is also considered one of the most depressive in the country. Nevertheless, the close distance to the water sources provides great benefits to the citizens of the city.

3. Kisumu

Poor cities in Kenya: top 5
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It’s one of the largest cities in the country with the population of over one million people. At the same time. It’s one of the cities in Africa where you can see the real contrast between the poorest population of the country and the richest. Unfortunately, the first category of people are the majority of the population.

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Kisumu is provided to be one of the biggest ports in Kenya. That’s the reason why many citizens of close towns prefer to get to this city first. Nevertheless, this city attracts not only people who want to work there, but also criminals.

2. Mombasa

Poor cities in Kenya: top 5
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It’s another great city with the population of over one million people. It provides a great variety of various slums within the city. A great number of the population leaves in the countryside. It’s one of the oldest cities in Kenya as it was founded in 900 A.D.

The most drastic situation of the city is concentrated in the slums. The criminal situation is horrible. The difference between the poorest people and the richest is also very high here. It’s one of the most famous ports in the country, and it attracts the attention of organized crime groups from all over Africa.

1. Marsabit

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Poor cities in Kenya: top 5
Source: habitatforhumanity.org

If you want to witness the real poor city of Kenya, then you need to visit Marsabit. It has really nothing. It’s an outpost of urban civilization isolated on the extinct volcano. No jobs are provided here at all. Only the last few years it starts to reincarnate. The main source of income for people is tourism. Therefore, with no jobs offered, the only way to survive here is to open a small business.

Kenya facts are pretty simple. It’s one of the poorest countries in Africa. Nevertheless, for the last few decades, it has showed significant changes. The main problem for this country is corruption. It kills any sight of progress. Therefore, this country will end its poverty when it deals with corruptions and crimes.

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