Latest beads in vogue this season

Latest beads in vogue this season

What are latest beads in vogue this season? Every lady wants to look beautiful. It’s possible to make any look more interesting and individual adding beads designs picked up properly. Inexpensive but aesthetic jewelry allows you to experiment with images, looking different every time.

Latest beads in vogue

The fashion for beads changes over time. To be in a trend, it’s worth keeping an eye on what is relevant today. This post will help you to understand the latest trends in the world of current bead designs.

Festive bead design

During the last century, accessories have constantly been changing. Thus every decade inspires designers to create unusual vintage and retro accessories.

Beaded set

In 2018 beads are the central place in styling. Experts say that jewelry in the new season is much more important than bags or shoes.

Beaded bracelet

Modern collections include all kinds of rings and earrings in the grunge style, bracelets with folk motifs, ethnic beads and necklaces, tiaras and luxury brooches.

Beaded necklace

The main trends in latest bead designs

At the top of fashion, there are a lot of items with multi-layered ornaments and three-dimensional details. It allows you to ensure the uniqueness of accessories and add variety to your style.

Beaded necklace with beads like pearls

You can emphasize your femininity with beautiful beads like pearls. Pastel and light colors emphasize femininity and perfectly fit classic suits and dresses.

Festive beaded set

Along with artificial pearls, beaded designs decorated with semiprecious stones, for example, rock crystal, jasper or turquoise are popular too. Large jewelry with massive stones looks attractive, especially on women with extra pounds.

Various combinations of beaded styles

Another trend of this season is a combination of various details in different styles. So, for example, a massive ring perfectly matches with a thin exquisite bracelet or weightless pendant. Massive earrings fit thin rings.

Thin and delicate beaded designs

Large and bright beaded designs

Different types of beads designs


Among the beaded designs for the neck, spectacular necklaces take the leading positions. According to the latest trends, they must be large enough. Such accessories can be chosen for different types of appearance. Ladies with extra pounds should use a necklace consisting of plane elements. But the girls with a small chest can diversify their look with a necklace consisting of large and voluminous parts.

Chains and beads designs

Chain and beads necklace

Another interesting trend is a combined necklace, which consists of elements made in different styles. Such design includes many small beads supplemented with three-dimensional details. Besides, you can try interlacing metal chains with beads.

Chains with artificial pearls

Beads and pendant

Chains and pendants

One more original option is an elegant accessory consisting of some thin chains mixed with beads. They are combined and can be complemented with spectacular pendants.

Necklace with beads and large pendant

Beaded choker with pearls


Chokers have been popular for several seasons. They can be leather, satin, lace decorated with beads or entirely made of beads.

Beaded choker with ornament

The width of these accessories is also different. Depending on the features of your appearance, you can choose wide or narrow chokers. Such bijouterie is most often used by young girls.

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Beaded necklace-collar

Classic beaded necklace-collar


Beaded necklace-collars look very interesting. They also fit snugly around the neck. You can combine them with shirts and dresses. Such fancy accessories attract the attention of both young girls and elegant ladies.

Rings with beads


Another no less popular accessory is an exquisite beaded ring. If earlier the combination of several rings in one image was unacceptable, now fashionistas like the trend, they gladly buy whole sets of beaded rings and wear their various combinations on different fingers.

Variaty of beaded bracelets


Correctly selected bracelets help to finish an interesting female image. If you want to focus on thin wrists or modern manicure, then it’s the best option.

Mixed bracelets with beads

Bracelets with large beads

Chain anklets with beads

Beaded anklets

Speaking of bracelets, don’t forget anklets. They are on trend too this season. Anklets complemented by beads, colored stones or initial pendants look exquisitely. This type of bracelet should be worn with open shoes - sandals, for example. In 2018 such accessories can also be worn safely on the beach.

Brooch with beads

Beaded brooch


In addition to all other options for costume jewelry, beaded brooches are in trend now too. For several years they were safely forgotten, but now they are back in fashion again. Beaded brooches of different sizes are in demand.

Brooch with beaded design

Large brooches of any unusual shapes, decorated with bright beads and stones are the hit of the season.

Beaded earrings


In addition to universal Earrings-studs and other earrings, which have not gone out of fashion for many decades, the beaded earrings-cuffs will also be popular. Such an accessory is suitable even for those who have not yet pierced ears. Cuffs can be worn on the earlobe or any other part of it.

Beaded earrings-cuffs


Stylishly beaded cuffs can take many forms. They are fastened in the ear with the help of special clips. Another bright trend of this season is the use of earrings of different length in one look. Such disproportionate earrings are for spirited fashionistas as they look very original.

Beaded design for hair

Tiara with beads

Tiaras and rims

Girls, who want to feel like a princess at any age, can pick up fine jewelry for hair made like a tiara. Beaded tiaras help not only to create an interesting image, but also to fix the styling or hair dress consisting of many curls and strands in the right position.

Beaded tiara

Beaded rim for hair

Nigerian festive beaded designs

How to wear Nigerian beads?

Trendy beaded designs are a great addition to any image. Whatever style you choose, properly picked up jewelry makes it only better and more interesting.

Nigerian beaded styles

When choosing bright accessories, remember that they occupy a central place in. Therefore, the rest of the look must be built around them or at least completely combined with them.

Beads for young girls

Beads for ladies

As for age, young girls can use bright accessories. A combination of completely different items is allowed. With age, you must treat your choice of beaded styles more selectively.

Festive beads in traditional styles

Latest beads in vogue are an excellent alternative to expensive accessories made of precious metals and natural stones. Well-chosen jewelry can diversify any image. The same outfit with different accessories will create several images at once for any occasion.

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