Who cries for Nigerian Muslims - Opinion on Trump statement by Dr Abubakar Mahmud Gumi

Who cries for Nigerian Muslims - Opinion on Trump statement by Dr Abubakar Mahmud Gumi

Editor's note: President Donald Trump of the United States of America, during a joint press briefing with his Nigerian counterpart, President Muhammadu Buhari, at the Rose Garden of the White House, had condemned the killings of Christians in some parts of Nigeria. But in this opinion by Dr Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, the respected Islamic scholar and Alkali (judge) of Gummi says herdsmen killings are not only limited to Christians but also to Muslims who are of Fulani extraction.

Who then cry for Nigerian Muslims or even Islam? In a far strange land, a democratically elected president of a supposedly secular state, the promoter of democracy is crying only for the Nigerian Christians the victims of communal and ethnic clashes that were on going for decades. Fulani Herdsmen are not fighting for Islam or ethnic afflictions, they attack Fulani also.

I being a direct target of Boko Haram in 2012, and also before then, a victims ‘war against terrorism’ in 2010 in a foreign land, knows better what all these ‘strange’ phenomena means in reality to the grand plan to emasculate Muslims and destroy the Islamic creed. That is in a nutshell the real target.

In 2012, I was not attacked by the ragtag foot soldiers of the Boko Haram nor their disciples; I was attacked by a sophisticated intelligence covering its self under the dark shadow of the dread organization which can never be qualified as a sect or denomination of Islam. They were and still are just ignorant or half baked stooges of a higher intelligence. There was no way, then, that the military leaders of that time were not the least complacent in the intrigue.

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Not to speak in tongues, without any iota of doubt, this dirty war can only be effectively fought by naïve Muslim leaders who will be armed to teeth with the most dangerous weapons and fake intelligence to devastate their own people as the enemy is so much intermingled in the fabric of the society. Boko Haram foot soldiers cannot survive in Katsina or Sokoto or Ibadan because the social environment is not a suitable agar for their survival and growth.

The UNDP “Human Development Index’ report of 2006, three years before BH leader’s debacle, alerted of the impending consequence of poverty level in the North as a national crisis situation. In July 2008, the then Central Bank Governor, Prof. Soludo came all the way to Kaduna to reaffirm the danger of this economic state of the region, the NE worst hit. Therefore any surprise that BH foot soldiers survive there?

Disregarding the intelligence behind the BH, the only way to stop the menace is to change the environment that makes them thrive. It’s all about poverty and ignorance. Therefore, US eager and willing to supply Nigeria with third grade jet fighters and attack helicopters is absolutely a misplaced priority and counterproductive. Bullets and Bombs cannot entangle them as money well spent to improve the educational, economic and living standard of the region.

Therefore, if truly the US government is keen on routing out the ‘terror’, taking a whopping $496 million (at a generous rate of N360/$ will give us a lump sum of N178,560,000,000. N178b) from a nascent poor economy whose population is just struggling to survive on the barest minimum living standard is a height of hypocrisy.

That colossal amount spent well in education, health and Agriculture all over the nation, will in no time abate the fire of all clashes manifesting as herdsmen or BH or Kidnappings and daring robberies. No doubt Bill Gates is no Donald trump. But for us Nigeria, only a vibrant and aptitude thrust can unite and save the nation from eminent decay.

So let world leaders cry for all victims and act accordingly. Enough of this insincerity!

May Allah protect us all from all Evil. Amin.

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