Lace styles for children - Best designs

Lace styles for children - Best designs

We have prepared for you the best designs of lace styles for children. Does your child adore lace outfits? Do you want to dress your daughter like a princess for event? Let’s see top ideas for lace styles in Nigeria!

Lace styles for children

Modern children styles are a completely independent segment of the fashion industry. None of the eminent designers misses the opportunity to release a collection of stylish novelties for boys and girls of all ages, trying to please both the youngest trendies and teenagers.

Evening dress with lace

In 2018, designers prepared a lot of stylish outfits, harmoniously combining convenience, comfort, and beauty. Even the most informed in trends mums scarcely know what to choose. As we are talking about the lace, let’s deal with the latest trendy styles for girls.

Ankara dress with lace cape

Lace collar

Styles for lace materials

As in the designs for adults, lace is most often used to make dresses and blouses in children's outfits too. The lace is used for sewing the entire outfits, for example, dresses, or for the trim, or making of separate elements like sleeves, cape, hemline, and coquette.

A-silhouette gown with lace trim

A-line style for dresses is on trend in 2018. This classic silhouette is always in fashion. Besides, this style is very practical. A coquette or a fitted bodice complements a loose, sometimes fancy hem. Little girls are very mobile, like a lot of jumping, running, so the children's A-line dress is an ideal option. A-silhouette gown with a frill or hemline’s trim made of the delicate French lace in one tone with a basis dress looks very beautiful.

Ankara dress with lace sleeves wings

Lace gown with a belt

Undoubtedly, flared dresses, gowns with ruffles, capes, unusual cuffs and collars decorated with lace are also in the trend this year. Creating children's lace dresses, designers pay particular attention to cute dresses with pleated, trapeze, and bell skirts.

Beaded dress with thin lace trim on the sleeves

Children's latest lace styles in 2018 differ from the collections of the previous years with

  • unusual prints;
  • beaded patterns;
  • bright ornaments,
  • artificial flowers;
  • elements with crystals;
  • pearls or sequins.

It’s another current trend making any dress, blouse or skirt unusual, colorful and exclusive.

Pink lace dress with floral motifs and a flower

Embroidery and lace decoration adorn the most romantic models in everyday outfits. Of course, in elegant evening attires for girls, such expressive decor is everywhere too. In trend, there are delicate miniature floral motifs. Besides, a delicate bow or flower on the belt of the lace dress is in demand too.

Festive dress with lace

Festive lace gowns 2018 for girls look like true ballroom models. They have all the features as adult outfits: elegant styles, exquisite fabrics, and decor. Evening styles for lace materials have a maxi length and multi-layered flared skirt.

Frech lace long gown

The long lace design is the most win-win option for the dress of a real princess. Designers make it smart, airy, but at the same time very gentle and elegant. They offer options with simple tailoring and closed shortened bodice plus large pastel colored multi-layered skirt. Tops for such gowns are usually made with three-quartered sleeves, sleeve-wings or sleeveless.

Pink dress with lace hem and sleeves

Air fabrics as tulle, chiffon or organza in combination with lace create a flying silhouette.

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Lace dress with a tutus skirt

Ankara and lace style

Beaded lace and chiffon flared dress

A simple tailored lace bodice without sleeves and a flared short or knee-length skirt made from another fabric makes a little girl look like a beautiful exotic flower. Such gown is made with a detachable waist. Satin, silk, chiffon, and Ankara beloved by all African fashionistas are taken for a skirt of the dress.

Yellow sleeveless top with a peplum

White lace top with a bow

Lace is also used for creative tops. They can be used for both evening looks and in everyday life.

Lace and Ankara family look

Black and yellow family look style with lace

The well-known family look is still in trend. That’s why children can copy the outfits of their moms and dads.

Orange cord lace native outfit

Native white and blue style with lace

Traditional styles with lace

Speaking of lace styles for children, it’s necessary to note the traditional outfits from lace or combinations with lace.

Fruity wine-colored dress with lace and beaded bow

Trendy colors for lace outfits

The influence of "adult" fashion trends affects in color solutions. Bright, juicy floral and fruity tones look organically in kid’s new lace styles for every day. Pastel colors, as before, are in vogue for lace styles on festive events. Peach, lavender or pale pink colors perfectly emphasize the purity of the style lines. Besides, designers advise wearing dresses with lace in bright colors, such as pink, blue and turquoise, as well as their various interpretations, for example, lime tone.

Among the decorative elements, embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, and stripes are at the peak of popularity.

Traditional lace style with beaded decor

At times it’s very difficult to keep track of all novelties and trends because the fashion never stands still. Making the review of new fashion ideas and solutions, we hope we have helped you choose an appropriate option for your child.

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