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How to cook Oha soup with achi

How to cook Oha soup with achi

Ora (Oha) soup is a traditional and trendy dish in Nigeria. This national soup is prepared using Ora leaves and tastes very similar to beef soup. In general, Ora (Oha) soup can be considered as something special, since for its preparation it is necessary to use fresh and green leaves of Ora. However, the Ora leaves also have their own characteristics. They are seasonal and grow only in a certain period of time, unlike bitterleaf. Today we shall talk how to make Oha soup with achi, so it will have a traditional taste.

How to cook oha soup with achi

Ingredients for cooking Ora soup (Oha)

  • fresh vegetables: ora leaves
  • eight smal. cocoy. corm.
  • three cooking spoon. palm oil
  • assort. beef: choose the shaki cut (cow trip.)
  • assort. fish: use a bit of dry fish and some stock fish
  • chili pepper, salt and crayfish (up to your taste)
  • two stock cubes
  • one teaspoon of Ogiri Igbo

Important details to remember

How to cook oha soup with achi

Ora is very unique in its taste qualities. Therefore, it gives the unique taste and aroma to the dish.

If you have difficulties in finding and buying cocoyam corms, then you can efficiently use a sub for cocoyam is potato flour. We also advise you to learn about cooking methods for cocoyam flour or potato flour in advance. In this case, when adding flour to the soup, it is imperative not to overdo it, as flour acts as a thickener.

How to cook oha soup with achi

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Using such a seasoning like Ogiri Igbo is also very important. It will give the dish a traditional smell and make it piquant.

How to cook Oha soup with Achi?

How to cook oha soup with achi

Using a blender, grind up the crayfish and pepper and put aside. Then boil the water in a saucepan and add cocoyam corms for a few minutes to make it soft. Then carefully wash the cocoyam corms and peel them off. Then you need to make a cocoyam puree consistency. It is best to use a blender or at least a mortar and pestle.

After this, it is necessary to wash the Ora (Oha) leaves under cold water. Use your hands to break the leaves into small pieces. It is important not to use a kitchen knife to grind the Ora (Oha) leaves. If they are cut with a knife, then often the leaves begin to darken and lose flavor properties.

Cooking process

How to cook oha soup with achi

In order to prepare Oha soup with achi, first of all we need to simmer the water and then cook the shaki (cow tripe) and fish until it becomes soft in the deep pan. Add 2-3 broth cubes to the meat and cook for some 4-6 minutes.

After that add to the meat: chili pepper, Ogiri Igbo and ground crayfish and on medium heat boil for about 8-10 minutes. After this, put the ready cocoyam and then the palm oil. Use a lid to cover the pan and cook over medium heat until you see that all cocoyam lumps completely dissolved in water.

How to cook oha soup with achi

If in the process of cooking the dish still turned out too thick, add the boiled water until the desired consistency. At the last stage, add the Ora (Oha) leaves , make the temperature lower and cook the soup for about five minutes. In the end, add salt and seasonings to taste.

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