Konga customer care, tracking, express delivery & return policy

Konga customer care, tracking, express delivery & return policy

Konga.com is one of the largest internet stores in Nigeria, where you can buy everything you like. They usually have a lot of good discounts and special deals. All the necessary information that you want to know about Konga are post. We will provide you with info about Konga customer care and different aspects of online shopping.

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What is Konga?

The Nigerian company Konga, which specializes in electronic commerce, was founded in 2012 by the entrepreneur Sim Shagaya. Over the course of few years, the company became one of the largest and innovative retailers in Nigeria. Nowadays, you can buy anything from Konga. Their official website, konga.com, contains a lot of sections, each of which sells different goods – phones and tablets, electronics, computers and accessories, fashion products, goods for home and kitchen, products for children, and many other products that every Nigerian might be interested in purchasing.

Now, we will tell you more about Konga delivery, tracking, return policy, customer care, and contacts. Perhaps, you would like to buy something from the store, but have no idea where to start? No worries – our guide will help you.

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Konga shopping

Shopping on Konga is not difficult at all – the website works hard to be accessible to everyone. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to buy something on Konga.com.

  1. First of all, you should type the description of your desired good in the little search box that you can see on the website. If you are searching for something that fits into the specific category, you are supposed to search for goods by category on top of the Konga webpage.
  2. Then, you can review the product by checking the client feedback on it, seeing how much of it has already been successfully sold and making sure that the delivery time is alright with you.
  3. You should also review the person who sells the goods, and see how many successful sales and positive comments this seller has.
  4. Create a Konga account (or sign up, if you already have one). New Konga customers are supposed to fill in the delivery form. Your goods will be delivered to this address. You can change it anytime.
  5. Choose the method of payment that you prefer. Then click on the confirmation button.
  6. Congratulations, you have completed the order!

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Konga express delivery

Most of the Konga.com deliveries are processed through the KOS Delivery Courier. Some of the featured sellers have an opportunity of choosing other couriers for their deliveries or doing this on their own. The standard time for Konga delivery is 7 days – though, it varies depending mostly on the location, sometimes even on the product that is being shipped. Usually, the approximate delivery times are indicated for the customers on the product’s details page. The delivery is available only within Nigeria, as Konga does not ship their products internationally. You can find the final price for the product on the details page – all the taxes are included in the price, and you will not have to pay any more money upon delivery.

Express delivery is possible for some locations. If you live there, you will most definitely get the product the same day you order it or the next day. The locations for the same day delivery service are Agege/Ijaiye, Apapa, Eti Osa, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Mushin, Oshodi/Isolo, Ikeja, Kosofe, Shomolu, and Surulere.

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Konga tracking

You can easily track your delivery package on the website track.konga.com. It is really easy to use – you are supposed just to enter your order or parcel number into the special field, then click “track”, and you will be shown what stage your delivery is right. This will help you to get a better understanding of the location of your parcel, and the time when it arrives at your place. By the way, the Konga tracking supports all the couriers.

Konga return policy

Sometimes it happens that you do not like the good that was delivered to you for some reason. For example, the piece of clothing does not fit. In this case, you can return the good to Konga, but the return window is 7 days after the product has been delivered. To return the product to Konga, you will need to follow the next instructions:

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  1. Send the complaint to the e-mail address help@konga.com. Make sure to include the photos of your product for evidence.
  2. Once the complaint is considered by Konga return service, you will receive the information about the way they can pick up the product from you.
  3. You will be sent a return number which will allow you to track the status of return – just like you can track the status of delivery, on the same site track.konga.com.
  4. When the item is delivered back to the seller, you will get the reward (the replacement for your product, exchange, or full refund).

In case you have complains about the product after 7 days have already passed, the fate of your refund depends on the situation. You will most definitely not get the refund if you expressed your dissatisfaction with a perfectly good item. However, if the item has defects, you will need to take some further steps.

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As one option, you could visit the service centre in your location to get a warranty for your product. In case there is no service centre around you, and your item is broken or has visible defects, you might contact Konga.

The alternate way to resolve this problem will be contacting the seller who shipped this product to you. The seller will probably be able to help you with the solution. If the seller does not respond, you can contact Konga so the online store service will assist you in the solution of your issue.

Note that you will be fully responsible for the cost of shipping and reparations are done to your product, where defects are not covered by warranty from the manufacturer. Konga service will not be replacing or refunding the items which are in this category.

The items that are not available for returning are:

  • The products which have been opened by the authorized personnel member without permission or altered from the originals in another way.
  • Products which are missing the serial UPC number.
  • Perishable goods (unless there is a valid reason).
  • Products which were damaged due to someone misusing them.
  • Personal care, health and beauty category production.
  • Jewelry, bedding sheets, lingerie, socks, and innerwear.
  • Books and CDs.

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To return the product, it needs to have all the tags and labels attached, except for the case with defective products. You will need to package it like it was originally, put in all the accessories and gifts. The product has to be in a new condition without damage.

The return will be either to the drop off location of Konga, which is close to where you live. In case you have contacted the seller about the return, you can ship it directly back to the seller.

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Konga customer care

Sometimes you need to ask the Konga support team some specific questions about goods, delivery, and various shopping-related issues. There are few different ways to connect them, and you might choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

You can make a call on the Konga customer care number, which is either 014605555 or 08094605555. These numbers are specifically for requests, complaints, or different types of verbal inquiries. The phone support works from 7 am to 8 pm on the workdays, and from 8 am to 6 pm on weekend.

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Konga contact

You can also contact the team on Twitter. The official Twitter for Konga support team is @kongacare, and they usually reply to the customers and resolve their problems. If you usually spend time on Facebook, you can contact their page: facebook.com/ShopKonga. There is also an e-mail help@konga.com, which you can use for asking questions.

Alternatively, you can contact them through the “Contact Us” page on the official website Konga.com. You will have to fill in a few necessary fields: your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. You also need to choose the type of your inquiry from the drop-down “How can we help you?”, and type your message to the Konga store team. Konga store also has a WhatsApp account, which you can find on the “Contact Us” page on the website.

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This was all about Konga internet store, shopping on their website, their policies, and customer care. Happy shopping!

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