21 native Hausa words and their meaning in English

21 native Hausa words and their meaning in English

Hausa language, like any other language, has some set of words peculiar to the native speakers of the dialect.

Hausa people considered such words difficult or impossible to find their meaning in English language, or so they thought.

Such words include plants names, traditional dishes, attires, musical instruments, places, play, local weapons, animals etc.

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Hausa section of Legit.ng media has conducted an in-depth research on some 21 of such words and has found their meaning in English language.

The words are as follows:

1) Tsamiyar Biri - Black Velvet Tamarind

2) Agwaluma - African Star Apple

3) Giginya - Deleb Palm

4) Kainuwa - Water Lettuce

5) Mummuki - Bread

6) Laulawa - Bicycle

7) Kanya - Ebony Tree

8) Dumame - Recheuffe

9) Dambu - Chicoins

10) Gujiya - Bambara Nut

11) Magarya - Jujube

12) Rama - Jute

13) Rumbu - Silos

14) Lauje - Sickle

15) Masoro - West African Pepper

16) Gwaza - Cocoyam

17) Kyarkeci - Wolf

18) Beguwa - Porcupine

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19) Sulke - Armour

20) Angurya - Cotton Seed

21) Gwate - Porridge

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