How to transfer airtime on MTN: a comprehensive guide (2021)

How to transfer airtime on MTN: a comprehensive guide (2021)

Do you want to know how to transfer airtime on MTN? Do you have extra airtime you wish to share with other MTN users? Maybe your mom, brother, sister, or other relatives need the credit right at this moment? Mobile users can share their credit through one simple code and easily complete this simple process within moments. Follow our guide on how to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN.

How to transfer airtime on MTN

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Airtime credit is the amount of money you pay to your service providers for you to enjoy the services they provide, such as making phone calls and internet browsing data.

Almost all telephone network service providers in Nigeria have features that allow users to transfer part to all of their airtime credits to other customers. You can transfer airtime on MTN to another MTN line just to gift your credit to others or to exchange them for money.

How to share airtime on MTN in Nigeria?

How to transfer airtime on MTN

This service is the same as MTN Share ‘N’ Sell. So, for customers of this service provider who may be confused, the Share ‘N’ Sell service is not different from the airtime transfer service; the processes are the same.

All MTN customers have access to this service, however, there are rules of this service that you must be aware of. Also, there are terms and conditions that postpaid users consider before making use of this service.

Main rules:

  • There must be sufficient airtime on your account before you can successfully share airtime.
  • Only Naira amount can be transferred. Kobo transactions are not supported, so your credit should look like 50.00 Naira and not 50.29 Naira.
  • It is possible to send from 50 to 5,000 Naira per one transaction.
  • The daily transactions are limited to 10,000 Naira per person.
  • Postpaid users on the network can only transfer airtime when the balance in their postpaid account is positive, not negative. For instance, you would not be able to transfer credit when you have N-500.00.
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The package works through individually selected PIN codes to make sure only the original sender can transfer his or her credit and protect any third party persons from using the sender’s mobile device for this same purpose.

Share ‘N’ Sell is protected with a personal identifier number (PIN) option. All MTN users have the same default PIN number, which is 0000.

It is impossible to share money using this ‘default PIN code. Anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of the service has to change their MTN transfer code before transferring the credit.

How to transfer airtime credit from MTN to MTN

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Anytime, at any moment it is possible to recharge anyone’s MTN account by using your own airtime credit, but before you can do this, you must create a Personal Identification Number by changing the default PIN.

How to change MTN airtime transfer code

  1. Think about your new PIN code. Your new four numbers should be complicated, not like 1234 or 5678. Let’s say you decided to use 5894 as your PIN number (remember it’s your idea, so come up with your own code).
  2. Direct the text message in this format ‘default new personal identifier number’ (in our case, this message would look like ‘0000 5894 5894’) to 777.
  3. You should at once get a text response that says that the PIN modification was successful.
  4. There is also an alternative method how you can modify the personal identifier number: call *600*0000*5894*5894# (where four zero is the original code and 5894 is your new PIN) - press ‘ok’ to complete.
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There are different methods you can use If you want to learn how to share airtime on MTN. And all the methods are listed below.

How to transfer MTN airtime

Enjoy two different methods (real-time-savers) when it comes to sharing credit from one MTN line with another.

Method 1: Transfer by SMS

  • Send SMS message to 777 number. The message should include the word ‘Transfer’ and the phone number of the person who will receive your credit, the credit amount, and your PIN code (the one you have changed).
  • Let’s say you want to send 1,000 Naira to MTN phone 08035555555 and your PIN is 5894. Type in this message on your device: Transfer 08035555555 1000 5894 Now just send it to number 777.
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  • Once the text message is sent you will get a confirmation request from MTN network. The word ‘YES’ must be returned to the same number 777 to complete this operation.
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Method 2: Transfer by USSD

  • Remember the figure *600* - call it once you add the additional information (the airtime recipient, credit, your PIN code). Once again, if you are planning to transfer 1,000 Naira to MTN phone 08035555555 and your PIN is 5894, you need to dial *600*08035555555*1000*5894#.

Method 3: Use *777*

Simply dial *777*1#, the phone you want to send the airtime to, followed by the amount you wish to send, and followed by your PIN.

Method 4: myMTN app

  • Go to myMTN app on your device, then enter your phone number, followed by your OTP, followed by Recharge, then MTN Share, the amount you want to transfer, your PIN, the receiver’s MTN Number, then click on 'Proceed.'

Method 5:

  • > Sender’s phone number > OTP > Recharge > MTN Share > Amount > PIN > Receiver’s MTN Number > Proceed.

You would get an SMS that tells you the transaction was successfully completed.

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mtn airtime transfer code

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This is a great deal, anyone will love these simple MTN airtime transfer features, however, the mobile operator will also charge additional fees the service’s user must be aware of. Each transaction costs some money:

  • 50-100 Naira credit – 3 Naira transaction fee
  • 101-500 Naira credit – 5 Naira transaction fee
  • 501-5000 Naira credit – 10 Naira transaction fee

Also, note that BetaTalk and Yanfun Yafun users are not eligible to share airtime, and bonus airtime cannot be transferred.

How to reset MTN transfer PIN

In case you forget your MTN transfer PIN, you may not be able to change this PIN on your device on your own. However, the process is very easy, just dial MTN customer service number 180, an agent will speak to you and put you through the process of retrieving your lost PIN code.

This is everything you should know about how to transfer airtime on MTN to another MTN phone number. Just use the popular Share ‘N’ Sell option to send your recharge money to people you love as quickly as possible.

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