Latest Aso Ebi designs for guys

Latest Aso Ebi designs for guys

Latest Aso Ebi designs for guys are the best options for native images. Quality fabrics, pleasant colors, authentic embroideries, and ornaments - all these features of fashion and style are typical for Aso Ebi. Choose the best looks!

Latest Aso Ebi designs for men

Most often Nigerians prefer wearing Aso Ebi for weddings and other celebrations.

Aso Ebi designs for guys

Aso Ebi designs for men

Nigerian men's traditional fashion styles

Today we take a closer look at male Aso ebi styles. Nigeria men use their Aso Ebi fabrics for mainly two Nigerian traditional styles: Kaftan style and Agbada style.

Agbada style

Aso Ebi for Agbada style

Agbada style has more complex tailoring and is more festive attire then Kaftan. It consists of the outer robe, an undershirt, trousers, and fila (a cap).

Agbada design

The trousers, as a rule, are narrow or narrowed at the bottom with a long length.

Agbada outfit

As an undershirt, a man wears dashiki or buba. This garment is usually light and slim, as the entire Agbada outfit is rather bulky.

Aso Ebi outer robe and undershirt

The complex tailoring of the outer robe makes the Agbada outfit festive.

Aso Ebi with embroidery

Aso Ebi ornaments and décor for Agbada designs

The Agbada style embroidery is often located at the top of the attire, it’s usually quite large.

Aso Ebi design with ornament

Aso Ebi design with strips

The fabric for Agbada outfit is usually one-colored. Sometimes the textile can be with a thin strip but in the same color scheme. As a rule, such strips are formed with the help of a shiny thread.

Lilac Aso Ebi design

Aso Ebi colours for Agbada style

The colours used for making such attire are elegant white, strict black, ivory, blue, light blue, beige, muted shades of red, dark plum, gray, lilac, sand, and yellow.

There are options, for example, with white trousers and undershirt and black outer robe.

Aso Ebi for Agbada style

Agbada outfit with bright embroidery

Contrasting embroidery is also popular. For example, black embroidery on white fabric looks great and vice versa. There is also white embroidery on blue fabric, gold on red or white, sandy colour on white. Two-coloured embroidery are also used.

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Aso Ebi with ornament

Kaftan Aso Ebi style

Another option for using Aso Ebi is Kaftan style.

Kaftan style with embroidery

This style, as a rule, consists of long narrow pants or free tailored trousers and straight tunic with the length to the middle of the thigh or the knee.

Aso Ebi design with ornament

Kaftan design with ornament

Aso Ebi colours for Kaftan style

The colour range of Kaftan style is quite diverse. Many tones of blue, white, black, ivory, beige, gray, gray-green, burgundy, pink, lilac, orange, brown, sand, terracotta, and turquoise are used.

Aso Ebi style with embroidery

Usually, both elements of Kaftan style: tunic and trousers are sewn from one-colored fabric. But there is also a textile with thin or wide strips. These strips are in the same color range. Only one-two is darker or lighter.

Aso Ebi design with bright pattern

Aso Ebi styles with strips

Aso Ebi design with embroidered tunic

Aso Ebi ornaments and décor for Kaftan designs

Embroidery is often used as a decoration on a tunic in Kaftan style. It can be a thin or wide strip with a pattern in the middle of the front part of the item.

The pattern can occupy a larger part and range from shoulder to shoulder across the entire width of the tunic. The embroidery pattern can be geometric or ornate. In any case, these are traditional native motifs.

Two-colored Aso Ebi design

Aso Ebi style with decor

Aso Ebi design with a thin trim

Another modern design is a decoration of the upper front part of the tunic with a thin trim in the form of light strips.

Aso Ebi image

Bright and original Aso Ebi style is used with pleasure by Nigerian men both for festive events and in everyday life. The best-shown images prove it.

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