Courses offered in Maritime Academy Oron

Courses offered in Maritime Academy Oron

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria is one of the federally owned institutes in Nigeria. It was established in late 1979 and has trained 5,000 officers and about 70,000 workers in marine operations. A lot of fresh graduates are willing to become a part of this impressive institution of education. If you are one of them, then it is time to learn about the courses that are offered at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron.

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What are the courses offered in Maritime Academy of Nigeria?


The courses available in Maritime Academy Oron are divided into two groups - courses under the National Diploma and courses under the Higher National Diploma. They have different requirements and different outcomes in terms of future career. Below you will find the listed groups and classes’ duration.

Courses under the National Diploma (ND)

- Marine Meteorology and Oceanography (for two years);

- Hydrography (for two years);

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- Nautical Science (for two years);

- Boat/Ship Building Technology (for two years);

- Maritime Transport and Business Studies (for two years);

- Electrical/Electronics Engineering (for two years);

- Maritime Transport and Business Studies (for two years);

- Marine Engineering (for two years);

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The courses are divided into four semesters and which would lead to an award of National Diploma. After obtaining a diploma, there is a high likelihood that you will start looking for a job. There are various careers available, depending on your chosen course. Here are some examples:

- Diploma in Marine Meteorology and Oceanography is good if you want a job in Port meteorology offices;

- Diploma in Hydrography will lead you to the job of a marine surveyor;

- Diploma in Marine Engineering and Nautical Science can lead you to a career as an ashore merchant, or as a Navy officer on the deck;

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- Diploma in Boat/Ship Building Technology is a way to get a job in shipbuilding and repairing yards;

- Diploma in Electrical/Electronics Engineering is a way to become an Engineer or an Electrical/Electronics technician;

- Diploma in Maritime Transport and Business Studies will lead to the career of a supervisor in shipping companies, oil companies, ports, various finance departments of maritime establishments, etc.

The admission requirements of courses under ND in Maritime Academy


In order to apply to the institution for Boat & Ship Building Technology, Nautical Science, Hydrography, Marine Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering, Marine Meteorology and Oceanography, you must have Senior School Certificate [SSC] or its equivalent. You must have at least five credits passed in following subjects:

- Physics;

- Mathematics;

- English Language.

You can also choose any two from General Science, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, and Geography. The credits must be obtained in no more than two sittings.

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Cadets of Maritime Academy Oron

The requirements for the course of the Maritime Transport & Business Studies are slightly different. You must have Senior School Certificate Examination, at least five courses and all of them obtained in no more than two sittings. The subject must be the following:

- Mathematics;

- English Language;

- Economics/Commerce;

And any two from Government and Bookkeeping, Geography.

Courses under the Higher National Diploma (HND)

Maritime Academy Nigeria

- Maritime Transport and Business Management (for two years);

- Naval Science (for two years);

- Nautical Science (for two years);

- Marine Engineering (for two years);

The courses and their requirements may vary from time to time. Make sure to check them on the website of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron.

Now you know what the Maritime University courses are. We hope that you choose the one you prefer and will meet all the requirements. Courses in Maritime Academy are known to be challenging so the only thing that we can do is to wish you luck!

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