Junaid speaks about Buhari, Atiku's 2019 presidency

Junaid speaks about Buhari, Atiku's 2019 presidency

- Junaid Mohammed said Atiku does not have integrity to contest in the 2019 election

- The former lawmaker said President Muhammadu Buhari may not win if he contests in 2019

- He asked the north to hold Buhari responsible if it misses out on the presidency

Junaid Mohammed who is a former lawmaker has said that the north should blame President Muhammadu Buhari if it does not get the presidency in 2019.

New Telegraph reports that the former lawmaker also spoke about Atiku Abubakar’s interest in the 2019 presidency saying he does not believe he has any integrity.

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Junaid said Buhari did not tell anyone that he would contest in the 2019 elections and that even if he did, he was not certain of winning.

He said any attempt by President Buhari to rig the 2019 elections will be resisted by the north and the rest of Nigeria.

He said: “I’m not a member of any political party registered in Nigeria as of now. But to the extent that the Minister of Women Affairs spoke her mind, whether as a minister or not, I challenge those who want to challenge the minister to tell us where she went wrong.

“As a matter of fact, President Buhari has told many people in the party and even those outside the party that he was going to do only one term. So, there is no reason for someone mentioning to him the reason not to run.

“However, whether President Buhari said so in the past, or is saying it now or will say it in the future, his performance does not guarantee him an automatic ticket and even if he has an automatic ticket from his party, it is not a guarantee that he would win the next election.

“And if he tries to rig the elections, there would be serious protest and violence even in the North and all over the country and the minister has alluded to that. He told people that he was only going to do one term, but if he has changed his mind, he should come out and say so.”

He also spoke about Atiku’s presidential plan saying he does not have any integrity.

“Also, some people do not like the idea of her mentioning who she was going to support in 2019. I have never supported Atiku in politics and I will never support him, because I don’t believe he has the moral standing to be a leader.

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"I don’t believe he has integrity. But it is a choice between those who support Atiku, those who intends to support him and those who don’t. “If the North does not get the presidency, they should blame President Buhari because of his performance. He has not performed and he is not performing and may likely not perform. The North is the least developed in the country.

"If anybody can bring justice to the North, he would be elected in 2019. So, if the president wants to be returned by the North and other Nigerians, he should perform," Junaid added.

Legit.ng had reported that Junaid Mohammed defended the minister of women affairs, Senator Aisha Alhassan popularly knows as Mama Taraba, for her comments endorsing Atiku for the 2019 election.

The northern elder stated that there is nothing wrong with the minister's comment, even as he alleged that there are many ministers in the Federal Executive Council who share the same view with Taraba-born Alhassan.

He said: "What the minister has said is nothing new but the truth. Others in the cabinet of Buhari have been making such statements but in hushed tones.

“It is only that Alhassan had the courage and boldness to speak out and people should not chastise her because she has nothing to lose by staying or leaving Buhari’s cabinet."

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Source: Legit.ng

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