4 things that will happen if Nnamdi Kanu is rearrested

4 things that will happen if Nnamdi Kanu is rearrested

On August 25, 2017, the Nigerian government asked the court to order the rearrest and detention of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

In a statement released by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and the minister of justice, Abubakar Malami, the government demanded that Kanu be arrested again for flouting his bail condition.

However, the Pan-Yoruba sociology-cultural group, Afenifere, has issued a warning to the federal government not to rearrest Nnamdi Kanu as doing so will heat up the polity of the country.

Many are afraid of what will happen if the IPOB leader is actually rearrested. Looking at history and recent happenings, here are a list of things likely to happen if he is re-arrested again:

1. Killing of IPOB supporters

Violent clashes between members of IPOB and the Nigerian security agencies are as old as the renewed agitation for Biafra. These clashes have sometimes resulted in deaths.

If the FG makes the move to re-arrest Nnamdi Kanu, violence looks like a likely result, with bloodshed looking increasingly possible.

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2. Anambra elections boycott

Nnamdi Kanu has been calling for a boycott of the forthcoming Anambra gubernatorial elections and it looks like his followers are set to obey him. If he is re-arrested it seems the most likely that the boycott of the election will be a success.

3. Ohanaeze Ndigbo

The apex socio-political organisation of the Igbos, Ohanaeze Ndigbo will also take a stand against the federal government.

They have warned that re-arresting and commencing a fresh legal action against Kanu will exacerbate the ethnic tension already mounting in various parts of the country.

The group also berated the federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, for applying to the court for the revocation of bail conditions Nnamdi Kanu.

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4. International outrage

The renewed agitation for Biafra has drawn international interest and a subsequent re-arrest of Nnamdi Kau will definitely lead to outrage beyond the shores of Nigeria against the federal government.

Meanwhile, the IPOB leader who is aware that the federal government has commenced process to have him rearrested said that anyone who tries to arrest him will not leave Biafra land alive.

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“I’m a Biafran and we are going to crumble the zoo. Some idiots who are not educated said that they’ll arrest me, and I ask them to come. I’m in Biafra land. If any of them leaves Biafra land alive know that this is not IPOB. Tell them that’s what I said.

“Tell Buhari that I’m in Aba and any person who comes to arrest Nnamdi Kanu in Biafra land will die here. I’ll never go on exile I assure you," he said.

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