Kachikwu not interested in becoming a governor in 2019 - Okeroghene

Kachikwu not interested in becoming a governor in 2019 - Okeroghene

- The Conscience of the Niger said Ibe Kachikwu remains a technocrat who is not interested in politics

- TCN described those carrying out the campaign as mischief makers planning to tarnish Kachikwu's image

- It warned those claiming Kachikwu would contest to desist from it or face God's wrath

The Conscience of the Niger (TCN) has revealed that Ibe Kachikwu, Nigeria's petroleum minister, is not interested in contesting for the 2019 governorship election.

TCN said claims that Kachikwu was eyeing becoming a governor in the next election is being championed by mischievous people to embarrass the minister.

According to the group, Kachikwu had severally denied any ambition.

TCN therefore warned those peddling the claim to desist or incur the wrath of God and man.

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In a statement made available to Legit.ng, the group's leader, Mitai Okeroghene, said: “Dr Kachikwu is not stupid. He is a technocrat and not a politician and has not in any form or shape shown indications of wanting to contest election, and so, it stands to reason that those behind his posters flooding Abuja have a sinister plot to achieve and their message is also clearly directed at their target audience, hence, the choice of Abuja as their location for the posters.

“For the sake of argument, let us admit that Dr Kachikwu has an interest in the governorship of Delta state, is Abuja the place to start pasting posters?

"What is the correlation between Abuja and Delta governorship? But, of course, they want to insinuate that he was seeking the Abuja blessing, which of course invalidates the whole idea.

“This is why we have come out to state for emphasis and for the umpteenth time that Dr Kachikwu is not interested in the governorship of Delta or any other elective political office as he currently has a more challenging and critical national assignment, which he has been able to discharge creditably well in the last over a year in spite of the attendant challenges in that office.”

Okeroghene added: “Nothing can explain the attack on Dr Kachikwu because as far as we are concerned, this is an attack on the career of a man, who is focused and determined to make a change in the best way possible and as permitted within the limitations of his office.

"He deserves support and commendation and not to make him appear unduly ambitious or losing sight of his current brief.

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“But if this is targeted at influencing the rumoured imminent cabinet reshuffle by those who find his ongoing reforms in the system discomforting or a move by those who want to mount pressure on him run for Delta governorship, it is dead on arrival, because Dr Kachikwu is not oblivious of the weight of the assignment on his hands and is leaving nothing to chance in making sure that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari succeeds.

“Is it a crime for a man to be adept at his work?

"It is surprising that after stabilising the sector and still cleansing it of its corrupt past, this is all that Kachikwu gets.

"But whatever creepy plans they are hatching, he is one man, who will leave government unblemished and very successful."

Legit.ng recently reported that Ibe Kachikwu is the reputable minister of state for petroleum resources of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The report said he was appointed by the President Muhammadu Buhari to represent Ibe Kachikwu state of origin in the President's cabinet to manage the main reforms in the gas and oil sector.

Watch this video of how Governor Ganduje of Kano is recreating the state:

Source: Legit.ng

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