Biafra was not achieved in 1967 because God did not want the nation divided - Revd. Sunday Agwu

Biafra was not achieved in 1967 because God did not want the nation divided - Revd. Sunday Agwu

- Most Reverend Sunday Agwu stated that it was an act of God that made Biafran soldiers not to get to Lagos even though they reached Ore

- He advised various groups to stop calling for another war; noting that if the nation must be divided at all, it should happen peacefully

- The cleric called on the Arewa Youth Forum and the youths in the Niger Delta to sheathe their swords, stressing that God brought us all together for a reason

Most Revd. (Dr.) Sunday Agwu, the Methodist Archbishop of Port Harcourt, has stated reasons why Biafra did not win the 1967 Civil War.

The cleric made his comments during an interview session with The Sun.

He was reacting to the agitation for Biafra by pro-Bifra groups, and the quit notice issued to Igbos living in the north by Arewa youths.

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Agwu stated: “Biafra could have won that war (Civil War).

”They got to Ore, but because of sabotage, they had to retreat. If God had wanted it, Biafra soldiers would have gotten to Lagos, and then, get to Dodan Barracks.

“But, God didn’t allow it to happen. To me, by that, God is saying something- that we should learn to live together.

“Look at the number of young people that perished during that war

“The agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra is very, very prominent now. But, there is no need for it.”

On the quit notice, the cleric stated: “My brother that is an aberration. They are just inviting another war.

“If you had witnessed the Nigerian Civil war, you will understand what I am saying. I witnessed it. I was a young man then.

“Nobody should pray or do anything to cause another war in this country. If they want this nation to disintegrate, let us do it peacefully.

“But I don’t pray for the disintegration of this nation. There is no need everybody going his own way. There is no point for all this.

”God has brought us together and we live interdependent of one another.

”For me, what the Arewa youths are doing, is an affront to God, because there are certain things the Igbo people are doing for the Northerners that they cannot afford.

”Our boys, who are asking the Northerners to leave the Niger Delta region, they are also getting it wrong because we live interdependent of one another as I said earlier.

”There are things you can do for me, and there are some certain things I can do for you. It is not by accident that more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria answer one nation.

”That’s my belief. And I am calling on this Arewa Youth Forum and the youths in the Niger Delta to sheathe their swords.”

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Meanwhile, previously reported that Most Reverend Matthew Kukah, the Catholic bishop of Sokoto Diocese, added his voice to the ongoing agitation for a sovereign state by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

He chided IPOB for wanting to split up the nation.

He stated: “We cannot recover territory from Boko Haram only to surrender it to others; we are Nigeria and Nigeria will continue to remain."

Watch this TV video of Ojukwu's bunker during the Civil War


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