Nigeria road signs and their meanings: how do you figure them out?

Nigeria road signs and their meanings: how do you figure them out?

Road signs in Nigeria and any other country globally help in maintaining safe driving conditions. Road symbols are some of the most important things drivers and pedestrians need to pay attention to while on the road.

Road sign
Some road symbols and their meaning. Photo: @MrsOilNigeria
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The importance of road signs is self-explanatory. They restrict pedestrians and drivers from causing accidents, warn of impending dangers, and inform them of local laws. It is therefore crucial that you familiarize yourself with these essential symbols.

What are the road signs in Nigeria?

It is important for everyone to know the common road signs in Nigeria and be able to recognize them immediately.

Traffic signs tell you about traffic regulations, special hazards, and other road conditions, construction areas, speed limits, etc. You should be familiar with these road signs and their meanings and recognize the special shapes and colors.

Road safety signs are categorized into three as follows.

1. Regulatory signs

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Regulatory signs are circular and may be supplemented by plates beneath augmenting the message given by the symbol. The exception to this is the STOP symbol, which is octagonal.

They can be prohibitive and mandatory.

Traffic signs and their meaning
Regulatory (prohibitory and mandatory) road symbols. Photo: @aarescuenigeria
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i. Prohibitive signs

Prohibitive signs give a prohibitive message. These marks are usually circular with a yellow or white background, black inscription, and red border. The exception sign here is the STOP sign, which means that you should stop immediately when you see it.

ii. Mandatory traffic symbols

A mandatory traffic sign gives positive instruction. Usually, they are circular with a blue background, white inscription, and sometimes with a white border.

2. Informative symbols

They are usually rectangular and provide guidance.

3. Warning traffic symbols

They give warning of a hazard ahead. They are usually triangular in shape.

Traffic signs and their meaning
Warning road symbol. Photo: @G M G Motors
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Other noticeable road symbols in Nigeria

Apart from the three elaborate categories of Nigeria road signs, there are other symbols on the road worth your attention as a user.

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1. Road markings

These are paints or other marking materials applied to the road surface, stud, or delineator to guide, warn, or regulate traffic. Markings can be used on their own or in combination with other traffic signs.

i. Yellow lines

Yellow lines in the centre of the highway mean drivers are supposed to move in opposite directions.

On a two-way highway, the yellow centre road symbol can consist of:

  • A regular broken yellow line: Marks a two-direction passing zone. Traffic travelling in either direction may pass other vehicles with care and when the way ahead is clear.
  • A double yellow line (A standard broken yellow line and the other a typical solid yellow line): If you are driving adjacent to the broken line, you may pass other vehicles with care. However, if you are travelling adjacent to the solid line, you are prohibited from passing.
  • Two standard solid yellow lines (a double yellow line): This means that traffic from either direction is prohibited from passing.

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ii. White lines

On the highway, white lines separate travel lanes moving in one direction. The white line pavement markings can consist of the following:

Road signs and their meanings
Yellow and white road markings. Photo: @acculinemarkings
Source: Facebook
  • Dotted white lines: They separate a through lane from a deceleration or acceleration lane or a through route that becomes a mandatory exit or turn lane.
  • Double white lines: Separate travel lanes. You are prohibited from crossing. You cannot change lanes for any reason.
  • Broken white lines: These lines separate lanes where you are permitted to change lanes.
  • Solid white lines: Require you to stay within your lane.

2. Traffic signals

What are traffic signs and symbols? Traffic signals are standardized devices used to regulate traffic flow, pedestrians, and cyclists. Here are the primary traffic signs and meanings.

  • Red: Red means you should stop and wait behind the stop line on the carriageway.
  • Amber: Amber means you should get ready to move.
  • Green: Green means you should move if the road is free and clear.

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What are the 8 different shapes of traffic signs?

Below is what you need to know about the shapes of road signs and their meanings.

  • Octagon - Stop
  • Triangle - Yield
  • Vertical Rectangle - Regulatory
  • Pentagon - School
  • Round - Railroad crossing
  • Pennant - No passing
  • Diamond - Warning
  • Horizontal Rectangle - Guide

Additionally, road traffic signs have a specific colour associated with them. The colour of road symbols can immediately tell you what they are about. Here are the colours you may come across.

  • Red - Stop, yield, or prohibited
  • Yellow - Warning
  • White - Regulatory
  • Orange - Construction or detour
  • Black - Regulatory
  • Green - Guide
  • Blue - Motorist services
  • Brown - Public recreation

What are the penalties imposed on those who fail to observe traffic signs?

Some of the penalties are highlighted below:

  • Wrongful overtaking - Fine = N3,000 (3 penalty points)
  • Unauthorized removal of tampering with road signs - Fine = N5,000 (5 penalty points)
  • Route violation - Fine = N5,000 (5 penalty points)
  • Road marking violation - Fine = N5,000 (5 penalty points)
  • Light/sign violation - Fine = N2,000 (2 penalty points)

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Nigeria road signs
Road work ahead symbol. Photo: @BFSMandan
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What is the Nigeria Highway Code?

The Nigeria Highway Code is the Code of Conduct for human activities related to road use.

All Nigerians should be aware of the road signs listed above. Save this post and share it with your friends.

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