Obasanjo's wife predicts death of guests at her son's wdedding

Obasanjo's wife predicts death of guests at her son's wdedding

- Taiwo Obasanjo claimed the wedding of her son would bring evil

- She said she heard a prophecy that her son should not have an elaborate wedding

- She promised to organise a demonstration on the wedding day

Taiwo Obasanjo who is the wife of former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said that the marriage ceremony of her son, Olujonwo Obasanjo with Tope Adebutu should not take place on the scheduled date as evil things would happen.

Legit.ng had reported that Taiwo had tried to stop the wedding scheduled for May 11 and May 13 by going to court but the case was thrown out because the people involved were adults.

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In an interview with The Sun, Taiwo said there was a prophecy that her son should not do an elaborate wedding till he clocks 34 and that his 34th birthday would be in June.

She accused her twin brother, Kenny Martins, of influencing the whole family while also lashing at the mother of bride for allowing the wedding to go on in spite of the fact that she was informed about the prophecy.

Obasanjo's wife predicts death of guests at her son's wdedding
Taiwo Obasanjo wants her son's wedding cancelled

Taiwo insisted that the wedding is an avenue for evil people to take the lives of the guests and said she was fervently praying for evil not to happen.

She said: "I have been praying about it and I am telling the truth that I didn’t make this up. I want to ask you because you can call me a liar and you can say many unprintable things about me but I want you to note that the Almighty God cannot be moved and nobody can make him a liar. Mind you, the Almighty God knows those who are behind the date and God who gave me this prophecy cannot die because he lives forever. You see, no one can make God a liar and the truth will unfold soon because to them I am a liar, to them I am a nobody, to them I don’t have money and to them they have the greatest power and connection in this Nigeria. They can do and undo but they have forgotten one fact that no human being is like God.

"He (Obasanjo) is under a spell. Kenny Martins is the one controlling him and controlling the Adebutu family. The girl is an only child and she doesn’t have any other child but to her the marriage is more important than the future of these children. Rosemary Dacosta and her daughter have openly displayed utter contempt for the warnings of Jehovah for the life of my son Olujonwo. And Kenny Martins supports all these too. This is sheer open display of wicked arrogance and they have laid a powerful siege on the life of my son, Olujonwo. It is very strange to me because the marriage ceremony is only for two days and their future is there forever. You see it is not a wedding they are having because of the intensity of their preparation. The way they have been cooperating with my son since I said I was edging out because I wouldn’t be a part of any wedding that comes up in May; they were very happy. This girl now is the one picking aso ebi for the Obasanjo family; she is the one dictating to everybody. They want me to be a spectator.

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"So this is not a wedding ceremony it is the perfect agenda designed by the powers and principalities of hell. They are masquerading as human beings and they will be using my son’s wedding as a platform to send people to their early graves. If not why are they so desperate about that date?

"I am not going into the ceremony. I am going to place people on the sidewalk. I am going to have a demonstration and we will not be obstructing any traffic or destroying anything. I call them the Jehosphat demonstrators. You know they are more than me; I will be on the road to sing and dance to praise the Almighty God. We are going to have drummers, we are going to have people there with me and we will be carrying placards.""

Source: Legit.ng

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