8 things that must be done before Biafra will come to pass

8 things that must be done before Biafra will come to pass

A few days back, the French Ambassador to Nigeria, Denys Gauer, said that there is no future for the achievement of Biafra.

The ambassador said there is no support for those agitating for the secession of any part of Nigeria.

Gauer told newsmen that his home country would not in anyway work with any group agitating for the division of the nation.

8 things that must be done before Biafra will come to pass
8 things that must be done before Biafra will come to pass

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He said France was working with Nigeria and supporting it as a country.

Gauer's claim is one that must be taken seriously, and if pro-Biafra agitators are really keen on actualizing Biafra Republic, then these are 8 things that must be accomplished.

1. Ohaneze and other top socio-political groups must give consent

There can be no partial participation in the quest for Biafra, hence all top Igbo socio-political groups, must get fully involved.

Groups like the Ohaneze Ndigbo must take a stand either in support of Bifara or against, so that there is less distraction based on diversified opinions on how to move the notion in furtherance of the course of Biafra.

2. Igbo Senators must begin to make move

Like in the case of the socio-political groups, there arises the need for Igbo lawmakers and legislators from the Southeast to push for the course within the Nigerian parliament, this is because nothing can be done outside the law.

If the process of attaining Biafra will be bloodless, then it must have its way through the hallowed chambers of the Nigerian parliament.

3. International bodies must be involved

The role of the international community cannot overstated. The comity of nations could move motions that will see to the establishment of Biafra Republic, but the Igbos and all pro-Biafra agitators must be more composed as to understand how best to present their case before the International community, as to sway the opinions of people.

4. Top politicians must give their blessing

Asides those in the Senate, all governors and policy makers from the Southeast, as well as other alias from different regions, must give their blessings.

It must be noted that if the various top leaders of the regions in Nigeria, do not give their blessing then there will be great friction, and for every time there is friction the aim is being defeated.

5. Referendum

A referendum will be a perfect idea, and indeed it is vefry important for the actualization of the Biafran dream.

There has to be a general vote by deligates of all regions, on the sole political question which is: "Are we good as a nation, or is it better that we split for growth?

6. All Biafra agitators merge into one united force

With many pro-Biafra agitators now available, one would expect that much should be achieved easily, however, that is not the case. This is because the various groups agitating for Biafra, do so with diverse ideologies and if they all do have different mindsets, then that is chaos in itself.

An amalgamation would be great, the varuous groups must find a common ground, one name, one goal, one dream and one achievment.

The more the pro-Biafra groups come together, the stronger and more effective their efforts will be.

7. A leader and voice for the Igbos must be appointed

In coming together, the groups must choose one leader, amicably. They must have someone in whom they are confident, his/her role will be to start dialogues on the issue at hand.

Also attached to his/her role will be the task of reaching out to all persons and organizations that are key and vital in achieving the dream of a Biafra Republic.

8. Less confrontations

Following his warning that Biafra will not be achieved in his life time, the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), has said its drive for the restoration of Biafra cannot be deterred by the threat of Lt Gen Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

Buratai had recently warned that not during his life time will Nigeria disintegrate.

The COAS had insisted that the agitation for the state of Biafra would not be successful in the present era and not even in the four millennia to come.

Reacting to Buratai’s comment, the Uchenna Madu led group maintained that such statement credited to the Army chief cannot stop its seccession drive.

While it is good to stand for one's right, one must be careful as not to flout the law or infringe on the rights of others.

A less confrontational approach to the Biafra issue might do the pro-Biafrans a lot of good. And this move must not be looked upon as cowardice, rather the intended message here is to shun a violent approach, and to use civil disobedience at worst, if the need arises.

It is in doing this that the rest of the world can judge for themselves if truly the Igbo people are being oppressed and deserve to go on their own.

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