IPOB dissociates from Igbo summit, insult elders

IPOB dissociates from Igbo summit, insult elders

- The Indigenous People Of Biafra dissociated from a planned Igbo summit

- It described the leaders as shameless and greedy who have no plan for Igbo people

- The pro-Biafra group said Nnamdi Kanu was its only recognised leader

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has lashed out at Igbo elders for associating with its planed All Igbo Summit scheduled to hold in Uturu Abia State in November.

Vanguard reports that in a statement signed by Mr. Emma Powerful who is the media aide of the pro-Biafra group, it said it was not in support of the summit and insulted the elders who it said are only concerned about what they can get from Abuja.

IPOB insisted that Nnamdi Kanu was its only recognised leader and that the quest for Biafra was its only focus.

The group said: “The group of so-called Igbo leaders, who are going about brandishing the noble name of our great IPOB, in their emails to people for their fraudulent and Aso rock-sponsored All Igbo Summit, are hereby warned to desist forthwith from including IPO’s name in their emails.”

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 “We are not part of and cannot be part of the fraudulent so called All Igbo Summit scheduled for next month at Uturu, Abia State. It is specifically for the group of ex-this and ex-that who had earlier planned to host Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in our region, until they were told that such mindless scheme could only lead to bloodshed, have now resorted to telling everybody that they are planning for our future at the so called All Igbo Summit.

 “Everybody is wondering why these shameless political hustlers suddenly woke up now and are determined to hold a summit. Their planed summit is not unconnected with their fears that they have become irrelevant in the scheme of things, hence their struggle to make themselves reinvent by hoping to become relevant with a completely unhelpful summit, that would achieve absolutely nothing.

 “As we boldly march on to freedom from the 50 years slavery and oppression visited upon us, by the internal colonialists with the active collaboration of the same so-called leaders over the decades who are always rewarded with crumbs, while our region remains deliberately under-developed and isolated, they are trying to repeat the same game all over again, game of cheating themselves with crumbs while other regions develops in geometric progression.

“They had 46 years to plan the future of our region, all they did was subvert and undermine group interest all the times for their personal interest, they all pursued individual accommodation in all the failed and oppressive governments of Nigeria, since 1970, both military and civilian.

“These leaders without followers plot their senseless and useless summit at Uturu, as usual with the blessing and active support of Aso Rock, we advise them to be guided accordingly, that 99% of our people both old and young, have seen through their heartless and evil scheme for decades, we have endured their abuse and trade-off of and sell out of our future for personal again for 46 years.

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 “We are all victims of their ruthless exploitation and selfishness and we will not accept their evil ventures anymore. We are saying never again will these shameless horde of political hustlers, use us again to warm themselves into Aso Rock Villa.

“The dilapidated infrastructure and the killing of the peaceful unarmed members of IPOB in Biafraland, their directionless leadership, and the painful vacuum created they created by their spineless and rudderless leadership in our region led to the frustrations that crystallized to our desire for freedom from Nigeria.

“Most painful of all, is their flagrant serial betrayal of the masses by the people who ought to lead by example. We therefore, find it provocative when this same people who have made a life-long carrier in trading-off the group interest of our region for individual gain, to turn around now to include IPOB in their ill-fated racket, called summit, we advise them, to remove IPOB from their emails or else they would only find themselves holding and twisting the tiger by the tail.”

Source: Legit.ng

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