BREAKING: Trump, Biden Set for Rematch after Securing Party Nominations for US 2024 Election

BREAKING: Trump, Biden Set for Rematch after Securing Party Nominations for US 2024 Election

  • Donald Trump and his successor, President Joe Biden, are set for a rematch of the 2020 presidential election in November
  • Biden and Trump were elected as their respective parties' primary candidates, and their nominations will be officially announced at the Democratic and Republican national conventions
  • 81-year-old Biden thanked the voters for supporting his re-election bid, while Trump, 77, had remained popular among the Republican voters

US - Joe Biden, the United States president and his predecessor, Donald Trump, have again been elected by members of their parties to contest the November presidential election in the country.

The primaries were conducted in the four states of one American territory and democrats living abroad on Tuesday, March 12.

US election 2024: Donald Trump to contest against Joe Biden
Joe Biden, Donald Trump to battle for presidency in November Photo Credit: Joe Biden, Donald Trump
Source: Twitter

When will Biden, Trump be officially announced?

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According to the BBC, the outcome of the primaries simply means that voters in the US will be facing a rematch of the 2020 presidential election in the next eight months.

The nominations of Trump and Biden will be made official at their parties' conventions this summer.

On Tuesday, March 12, Biden, 81, said he was honoured to have the voters' support in his re-election bid at a time "when the threat Trump poses is greater than ever".

Joe Biden's speech after Democrat's nomination

The president highlighted positive economic trends, asserting that the US was "in the midst of a comeback." However, he acknowledged challenges ahead for the country as a democracy.

This especially, he said, came from those seeking for the abort*ion restriction to be passed and cut social programmes.

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Biden is equipped with the power of incumbency, which naturally gives him the advantage of no serious challengers for the nomination of the Democrats.

There have been concerns from voters about his age and ability to perform presidential duties, but the party's machinery supported him.

Donald Trump's 2024 election campaigns

On the other hand, 77-year-old Trump had been popular with the republican voter base, which aided his victory in the well-funded primary.

He has campaigned for a return to the White House with stricter immigration laws, which included the vow to "seal the border" and implement groundbreaking deportations.

The former US president promised to fight crime, boost domestic energy production, increase import tax, end the war in Ukraine, and take the "America First" campaign to the global stage.

US election: Supreme Court endorses Trump's nomination earlier reported that the US Supreme Court dismissed the Colorado Supreme Court's judgment banning Donald Trump from contesting the 2024 presidential election.

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In its judgment on Thursday, the court ruled that states had no power to affect section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution on anyone contesting federal offices.

The Supreme Court dismissed the judgment of the Colorado Supreme Court, which banned the former president from recontesting for election.


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