Meet Millie, the dog shot four times in the head in the street of Russia and saved by a British woman

Meet Millie, the dog shot four times in the head in the street of Russia and saved by a British woman

  • A 28-year-old native of Brighton in the United Kingdom, Kasey Carlin has saved a female dog (Millie) who got shot four times in the head
  • It was gathered that Millie got shot in the street of Russia for fun by some cruel individual
  • Now four-year-old, Millie at the time of the incident was three months and she lost her eye and nose in the process is celebrating business personalities of 2022. See top entrepreneurs of Fintech, Startup, Transportation, Banking and other sectors!

If caring for animals has a Nobel Prize, then Kasey Carlin deserves a catalogue of them for being far too kind in saving and caring for dogs in need.

The 28-year-old Brit according to Daily Star saved a dog shot four times in the head for fun by some cruel men in the streets of Russia.

Millie, Kasey Carlin, Dog
Kasey is pictured with four rescued dogs - Momo, Maggie, Millie, and Mishka. Photo: Tim Merry/Daily Star
Source: UGC

It was gathered that the dog named Millie was three months at the time of the horrific cruelty that was meted on her by humans.

Millie suffered severe injuries in her skull, her eye as well as her nostrils that also affected her respiratory ability.

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Now four years old, Millie was said to have suffered from breathing and profusely cried in agony at the earlier stage of the incident.

Recounting Millie’s ordeals, Kasey said:

"They just ended up crushing her nose. “When we rescued her, she couldn’t breathe properly, she was crying because she was in agony, but she still ran up to people, wagging her tail.”

How Kasey adopted Millie

Kasey who became affectionate with Millie despite her long lolling tongue and deformed face proceeded to raise awareness for a fundraiser to bring her to the United Kingdom for proper care. further gathered that due to the critical state of Millie’s condition, her right eye was removed and she was given a breathing aid that passed through her eyes but wasn’t sufficient and conducive for her as she sneezed out just three days after it was inserted.

However, Kasey resorted to taking Millie for surgery where she had a new nose constructed for her.

Kasey said:

“I didn’t really care what she (Millie) looked like so if the eye was going to cause her pain and irritation, take it out.
“She wasn’t in discomfort anymore.”

Millie's condition after adoption and surgery

At present, Millie’s condition is better, although she only survived with 10 teeth, three (right molars) of which she uses with the help of her tongue to eat.

According to Kasey, one of the most intriguing things about Millie is her ability to socialize with people despite her critical state.

She said:

“Despite what’s happened to her, Millie loves people and can play catch and tug of war and pick up toys.”

Aside from Millie, Kasey adopted Dottie, a deaf dachshund with neurological disorders, while the two others suffered other forms of disability.

One had the back shot and was reduced to the wheelchair and the other lost all four of his legs stepping on a landmine.


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