"Made for Each Other": Lady Lands Her Husband Hot Slap During Their Wedding, Video of Their Fight Goes Viral

"Made for Each Other": Lady Lands Her Husband Hot Slap During Their Wedding, Video of Their Fight Goes Viral

  • An angry lady got physical with her husband during their wedding as she landed him a very hot slap in the face
  • The video of the ugly wedding fight was posted by Mehdi Shadan and it showed the man retaliating as he also slapped his bride
  • The video has been viewed over 92k times as it has stunned some Twitter users who said the couple are made for each other

The video of a couple who fought on their wedding day has received over 92k views on Twitter alone.

A Twitter user, Mehdi Shadan, posted it on December 12. In the clip, the couple were seen engaged in a slapping competition.

Photos of bride fighting with her groom during their wedding.
The bride slapped her man and he retaliated. Photo credit: Twitter/MehdiShadan.
Source: UGC

In the short video lasting just 19 seconds, the bride was the first to land her man a slap and everyone present was stunned by her action.

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Video of a couple fighting on their wedding day

As to what caused the hot slap, it appears the groom was force-feeding the bride and she tried to stop him.

She slapped the man and he slapped her back which resulted in a fight that attracted wedding guests.

They are made for each other

People who were present rushed to separate the fight as the couple engaged in a serious fisticuff.

The man's headgear was removed in the process and the whole place was turned into a fighting arena.

The video has stunned Twitter users. In reaction, one user identified as @tbhnikhil said:

"Made for each other vibes."

It is not yet clear where the incident took place. The story was also reported by Latesly.

Watch the video here.

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In a related story, Legit.ng also reported that a man cancelled his marriage and left the wedding venue.

It was reported that the marriage rites had already begun when the man made a discovery that he frowned at.

According to the man, he found out that his bride paid a last-minute visit to her ex-boyfriend, an action that pissed him off.

The man stormed off the wedding venue and he was followed by the bride and other sympathisers who tried to beg him.

The man refused to listen to the bride even when she fell on the ground with her gown to plead for his forgiveness.

Source: Legit.ng

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