"Too Emotional": Baby Shed Tears in Touching Video as Her Mum Leaves Her behind to Hustle Overseas

"Too Emotional": Baby Shed Tears in Touching Video as Her Mum Leaves Her behind to Hustle Overseas

  • A woman has shared a touching video showing how she had to go abroad without her little daughter
  • It was an emotional moment as the woman had to bid her two-year-old daughter goodbye to improve her fortune
  • The teary mother-daughter moment has elicited mixed reactions on social media as people shared their similar experiences

A woman was close to tears as she left her little daughter behind in her quest for a better life abroad.

"We have to work for our kids," the woman captioned her video which showed how she parted with her child.
Kid weeps as mum goes abroad without her to work
The kid wept as her mum left. Photo Credit: @babychristabe120
Source: TikTok

In the clip, the departing mum, on hijab, stooped to interact briefly with her two-year-old daughter.

Teary mother-daughter moment

After some seconds, she got up and exited the scene. A lady immediately appeared and held off the child who tried to escape the hold in a bid to catch up with her mum.

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The kid kept crying and later on went after her mum after gaining her freedom. The TikTok clip moved people to tears.

The TikTok page @babychristabe120 is dedicated to sharing activities about the kid who was left behind.

Reacting to the video, Mary Duru, an Owerri-based teacher frowned at the incident and explained why. She told Legit.ng:

"This story is a very touching one. No mother should abandon his or her child just to go somewhere far and work because tomorrow when that child grows, that child won't value you again but will hate you because you were not there through his or her growing up stage and when they needed you most."

Another woman had reunited with her child, whom she left behind to work abroad.

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Watch the video below:

Mothers shared experiences of leaving kids behind

Shakyrah Oluwatoyin said:

"I left my children since last year October and until now I still cry but I know we shall meet again inshallah."

obaapa reggi said:

"Same here l left my when she was 1yrs and 4 months, it hasn't been easy for me, she's 8 years now I really miss her."

ninahshaki said:

''When I see this I can't stop crying i remember the way I left mi boy he was sleeping."

halimalyca said:

"That's why I didn't not say bye bye to him. I made sure he goes to sleep and wake up looking fo me when I had already gone."

Naava Sylivia said:

"I left mine just in November when she is 2 months and half but just praying for protection and good health coz time will come to meet again and enjoy for good."

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s.a.m.i.a said:

"I left mine at 8 months.
"The way he cried.
"So now he thinks I stay in the phone."

Fatuma said:

"I left my baby of eight months sleeping. I will not forget that day."

Mum leaves baby to work in UK

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a woman had left her two-month-old baby behind to work in the United Kingdom.

The lady said that though it was a tough decision, she had to sacrifice to work as a registered nurse in a foreign country.

After spending almost two years in the UK, she flew the kid to the country to join her. It was such an emotional reunion.

Source: Legit.ng

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