"She Had a Child Out of Wedlock": Man Who is AA and Wife AS Speaks Further on Their Child Who is SS

"She Had a Child Out of Wedlock": Man Who is AA and Wife AS Speaks Further on Their Child Who is SS

  • Steven Moses, the Nigerian man whose child is SS, has spoken further on his predicament after marrying his wife
  • According to Steven, his wife had a child out of wedlock, but he still accepted and married her and nurtured the child
  • He said he could not bear it when he discovered the child they had after marriage was SS despite him and his wife being AA and AS, respectively

The Nigerian man who discovered he was not the biological father of his child has opened more cans of worms.

Steven Moses had taken a DNA test after he found out that his child is SS despite the fact he is AA and his wife is AS.

The man found out he is not the father of his child.
The man said he saw red flags but ignored them. Photo credit: TikTok/9jacasefiles.
Source: TikTok

He disclosed on X that after the DNA test proved he did not sire the child, a court ordered a second test between the child and his wife.

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However, Steven said his wife has been evading the test. He has come on X to throw more light on how he has suffered since he got married.

The young man said he married his wife even though she had a child out of wedlock. However, his heart could not take it when he found out that he was not the father of his child, meaning he was raising two children belonging to other men.

His words:

"This lady in question already has a child out of wedlock which I know and accepted as my own at the age of 6-7. I did everything she want and wedded with her from Court Registry, reception and then traditional.
"I take full responsibility and accept I am the doer of myself in this whole story. Three months into the marriage in 2016, I got sacked from my job as a Prasales Support Engineer in Ajah. My first of many troubles and tribulations to come, but I ignored it."

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See his full post below:

Reactions as man laments paternity fraud

@iamstretch_ said:

"Mistakes made and lesson learnt bro. I pray you find your feet soon."

@odirah_cellz said:

"Nothing on this God's green earth will make me settle down, marry a single mother and begin to raise another man's child. Even if the woman is as pious as mother Teresa. Never!"

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