"My Former Student Now My Husband's Second Wife": Lady Reacts as Hubby Marries Again after 20 Years

"My Former Student Now My Husband's Second Wife": Lady Reacts as Hubby Marries Again after 20 Years

  • After her husband of 20 years took a second wife, a Nigerian businesswoman has reacted to the development on Facebook
  • According to her, she got to know about the forthcoming marriage a week before the occasion and hailed her husband's openness
  • Extending a hand of friendship, she sent a touching message to her former student-turned-second wife

A Nigerian woman, Fatima Yusuf Nuhu, had nothing but kind words for her husband as he married her former student as a second wife.

On Wednesday, November 29, the woman shared her husband's wedding IV, inviting people to grace the December 2 occasion.

Fatima Yusuf Nuhu, first wife, former student
Fatima Yusuf Nuhu celebrated her husband for his openness. Photo Credit: Fatima Yusuf Nuhu
Source: Facebook

In another Facebook post on Sunday, December 3, the businesswoman opened up that she got to know about the wedding a week before it happened and commended her husband for being open about it.

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The Muslim woman said they have been married for 20 years and reiterated her support for her husband's decision.

Fatima encouraged women to allow their husbands take new wives

She defended her husband's move as a way to reduce the number of unmarried women in the society and advocated for women to support their husbands when they decide to take second wives. In her words:

"...Given the considerable number of unmarried women today and the societal shifts we experience, I find it fitting to open our home and my husband's heart to another woman.
"Through this message, I aim to advocate and encourage women to support their husbands who choose to marry more than once."

Fatima had a message for the new wife

Writing further, she said her daughter would willingly embrace any role in marriage knowing she did so.

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She welcomed the second wife with kind words. She wrote:

"Henceforth, my daughter is willing to embrace any role—be it first, second, third, or fourth wife—knowing her mother respects and accepts her father's decision to add more wife.
"Congratulations to the bride, and I look forward to a harmonious life together with our husband."

People commend Fatima Yusuf Nuhu

Aisha Abubakr Sulayman said:

"Mashaa Allah Quwata dear sister, I commend your strength in supporting your husband May Allah bless and guide you in wisdom towards building a happy home ❤️."

Mahmoud Sallawu said:

"I celebrate with you My princess. Peaceful home l pray.l admire your courage and support to your husband.Congratulations."

Habiba Lami Mohammed said:

"Wow First of all, I salute ur courage, u are indeed one in a million! Ur action and confidence need to be emulate. May ur inner peace continously be guided Ameen. Congratulations dear."

Aisha Abdullahi said:

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"Masha Allah Happiness in their homes,and may Allah reward you abundantly Amin, you are a mother your types Are very rare."

Aliyu Sidi Mohammed said:

"Adorable woman ever seen in life indeed you are not just a Golden woman with good heart but a woman of high caliber with highest esteem one in a millions."

Idris Kolo said:

"Wallahi, you are one of the wives of jannah that our beloved prophet described. You are indeed a model worthy of emulation. May Allah gives you inner peace and guide you from the trick of shaitan."

First wife dances with husband's new wife at wedding

In a related report, a woman had danced happily with the new wife her husband was taking.

A TikTok video showed the women dancing joyfully on the day one of them tied the knot with their shared husband.

The first wife, who was already married to the man, seemed to be very happy and did not mind that she had to share her husband with another woman. Some viewers commented that the first wife was dancing to mock the second wife.

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Woman rejoices as husband takes second wife

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a woman had expressed excitement after her husband took a second wife.

In a tone laced with great happiness, the woman said that she is more excited about the whole development than her husband.

The pious woman prayed that Allah gives their 'expanded' home tawfiq (good fortune) and protection against the spirit of jealousy that may sow the seeds of discord. Her tweet stirred mixed reactions.

Source: Legit.ng

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