Scared Little Girl Suffers Meltdown after Seeing Chicken Feet in Shop, Video Generates Buzz Online

Scared Little Girl Suffers Meltdown after Seeing Chicken Feet in Shop, Video Generates Buzz Online

  • A hilarious video has taken the internet by storm, capturing the moment a little girl has a complete meltdown over chicken feet
  • The now-viral clip shows the child's terrified reaction upon discovering a tray of chicken feet in her shopping trolley
  • The video has amassed millions of views and thousands of comments, sparking laughter and lighthearted banter among netizens

A hilarious TikTok video has captured the internet's attention, featuring a little girl's epic meltdown over chicken feet.

Girl terrified by chicken feet
A girl did not have a good time shopping with her mom when she bought chicken feet. Image: @mawhoo
Source: UGC

Girl has terrified reaction to chicken feet

The video, posted by the child's mother, shows her placing a tray of chicken feet into the shopping trolley. Little does she know her daughter, who is inside the trolley and is about to have a major "ick" moment.

As the mother turned, the little girl caught sight of the chicken feet, and her eyes widened in fear. She starts crying and screaming, desperately trying to escape the trolley.

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In an attempt to calm her down, the mother tries to reason with her, but the little girl is having none of it.

She continues to scream and cry until her mother finally gives up and flips the tray over, hiding the chicken feet from view.

Watch the video below:

Netizens amused by the child's reaction

The video shared by @mawhoo_ has since gone viral, racking up millions of views and thousands of comments. Many people have been left in stitches, reacting with laughter and lighthearted banter. commented:

"She checked if they are breathing ."

22 Z E L A replied:

" Eish wonder what will happen the day she sees the heads."

Bussiey_M❤️ said:

"Umenzanii umntwana kodwa❤️."

Naledi Mathonkha commented:

"She said “helppp”."

Boy scared to carry live chicken

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In a related report, a boy had shed tears as his father directed him to carry a live chicken.

In the clip, the father in a commanding tone said: "Carry it!". The boy bent behind the chicken as he stretched out his hands.

Making funny moves as if the chicken was too hot to touch, the boy cried, asking the man to help him with it.

Little boy flees from native chicken

Meanwhile, previously reported that a little boy had fled from a native chicken.

In a funny video seen on the Twitter handle of @AdvoBarryRoux, the troublesome chicken started a fight with the boy.

The chicken charged towards the kid in a very funny way, and he kept chasing it away. The boy was crying all along. At some point in the ensuing funny fight, the angry fowl flew up and tried to peck the boy.

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