"I Can't Watch My Mum Die": Wife Who Squandered Abroad Husband's N10m Shares How She Spent it

"I Can't Watch My Mum Die": Wife Who Squandered Abroad Husband's N10m Shares How She Spent it

  • The woman accused of wasting her husband's N10 million meant for plots of land has given her own side of the story
  • According to the woman, he actually sent N9.8 million and insisted that she used them for land knowing fully well her mum was battling with her health
  • She shared how she used over N3 million to settle her mother's hospital bills and other expenses that came up

The wife of the abroad man, who cried out she spent the N10 million he sent her for land, has reacted to his outburst.

Facebook user, Kelvin Onovo, shared the woman's response to her husband's narration and caused a stir online.

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The woman used the money for her mum's health

In a lengthy read sent to Kelvin's DM, the woman said she decided to react because her husband brought their private matter to the public.

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She said he sent her N9.8 million in 2022 and not N10 million and insisted she used them for land when her mum was sick and he knew.

According to the woman, she could not watch her mum die, hence her decision to use his money on her.

How she used her husband's money

Breaking down how it was spent, she said over N3 million went into her mum's hospital bill. Sadly, her mother passed away and part of the money was used for her burial.

She said what was remaining was N2.6 million and when she reported to her man, he angrily told her to finish it up.

The woman maintained she got a better apartment instead of allowing the money waste.

She dared him to take another wife and expressed anger that he entrusted his younger brother to build his house instead of her.

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Her defence in part read:

"...This man sent me money about 9.8m sometimes last year when my mom was almost dying at the hospital but he insisted I use the money for what it was sent for. I can't watch my mom die when there's money to save her life at least.
"Her hospital bill took over 3m and later we made some other expenses including her burial because we later lost her.
"So, at the end I sent him a breakdown of how the money was spent which was remaining about 2.6m and he angrily asked me to finish it up. I had to get us a better apartment instead of Watching the remaining money waste.
"How can my husband be sending money to his brother to build us a house and expect me to be happy even after I have given him account of how we spent the money he sent earlier. It is an insult to me and I feel he doesn't rate me at all. As for a new wife, I de wait."

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The wife's defence irked netizens

Glory King said:

"You shouldn't be rated and you are not deserving of trust!
"You mean you squandered 9.8 million just like that and have the audacity to be entitled? Wow...Bravo!
"Anyway you are very lucky woman with kind of husband you married.

Jennifer Edmond said:

"You would have discussed with him before spending his money,he worked for it and how got the money but you spent it like it was nothing."

Jane Williams said:

"Kelvin abeg is this man from Anambra state cos if he’s from Anambra state Jesus I don’t know Wetin for they happen cos he’s just a nice man awww.
"Plss wife apologize to your husband.
"Husband forgive your wife please …
"Settle yourselves enwere ebe eji nsogbu aga."

Nazzy Mbah said:

"If at all you both have kids he can always take care of them till their are of Age to decide whom to stay with if it's the Father or the mother where no get brain."

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Nwajagu Emeka Mmesoma - Majik said:

"Did you seek for his consent before spending the money on your mum?
"Money don enter your hand, you don dey feel like minister of finance!
"Now, out of anger, he asked you to finish it up, and youu got a better apartment with #2.6m.
"Relax, isi gi ga epe mpe very soon.
"Asa odogwu, yet you don't have sense!!!!"

Wife spends husband's money on her boyfriend

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a woman spent her husband's money on her boyfriend.

In a story posted on Twitter by Segalink, the woman said her husband lives abroad, and she has another lover back home.

She said she used part of the money her husband sent to her from abroad to take care of the lover.

One of the things she helped the man do was secure an apartment with her husband's money.

The woman was surprised when she found out that the man, who she had been dating for two years, and spending her husband's money on was also married with children.

Source: Legit.ng

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