Petrol Attendant and Motorist Perform Energetic Dance, Video Melts Hearts

Petrol Attendant and Motorist Perform Energetic Dance, Video Melts Hearts

  • A vibey petrol attendant performed a lit dance-off with a motorist at a Shell garage in a South African city
  • The popular petrol attendant shared the footage on his TikTok page, and it has brightened people's day
  • Thousands of people were amused by the duo, especially the cool motorist with his off-beat dancing

A petrol attendant and a motorist engaged in an unrehearsed dance-off in one of those spontaneous moments when one suddenly gets in the mood, overtaken by the musical spirits.

Shell petrol attendant and motorist's dance off
A petrol attendant and motorist busted dance moves at the filling station. Image: @felixminister1632
Source: UGC

Their infectious energy as they grooved to the popular hit song Mnike earned them applause online, after @felixminister1632 posted the video on TikTok.

Spontaneous dance by motorist, attendant at Shell

Their hilarious and entertaining moves caught the attention of netizens, and they became instant favourites.

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The motorist gave it his all, trying to keep up with the petrol attendant's impressive moves.

Power of music to unite

It was heartwarming for viewers to see how music had the power to unite the two gents. As the video of their dance-off spread like wildfire on social media, it brought smiles to the faces of countless viewers

Watch the video below:

Netizens entertained by attendant and motorist's dance

The way the motorist moved his legs had TikTok users dying from laughter and they made some wild comparisons.

Read the some of the comments below:

@Sidneykewagamaeyane mentioned:

"Okare otla robega."

@User711796753235 stated:

"Awww bafo yoh, you made my day."

@Abutie_Tee wrote:

"Touch is a move, any move is a dance."

@Deltavusi commented:

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"Bathathe mzimba oqinile."

@Coach_Aza posted:

"The day I see you, we making our own video strue."

@1damagedsoul wrote:

"Nkare o tshwerwe ke dihorisi."

@Diktollie11 added:

"The only petrol attendant that matters in SA."

@Cazzyvilaa asked:

"Where is your Shell, I have to come for you?"

@Aamanda___19 stated:

"Your fan is not make sure."

Security boys seen dancing at work

Meanwhile, had previously reported that two security boys were seen dancing at work.

They were spotted doing serious waist dance and leg work. The dance later got them a sack letter.

They were, however, lucky because they later got a scholarship to study abroad. They have since travelled out of the country.


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