How Does it Harm Anyone: Boy Suspended From School for Barbing Ronaldo's 2002 WC Hairstyle

How Does it Harm Anyone: Boy Suspended From School for Barbing Ronaldo's 2002 WC Hairstyle

  • A 12-year-old boy named Alfie Ransom was sent home from school after getting Ronaldo de lima's controversial hairstyle
  • The young boy said he wanted to replicate the former Brazil striker's extravagant hairstyle from the 2002 World Cup in the ongoing tournament
  • Many people reacted on Instagram; they frowned against the suspension, saying it was a misplaced priority

A viral post has shown how a 12-year-old schoolboy was sent home from school after he shaved his head to replicate Ronaldo De Lima's extravagant hairstyle.

Posted on Instagram on November 24, the boy named Alfie Ransom was said to have barbed the hairstyle in order to sport the famous haircut for the 2022 World Cup.

Boy Suspended From School After Barbing Ronaldo's Hairstyle for World Cup
Alfie got suspended from school for Ronaldo's haircut /Source: Instagram Credit:@pubity
Source: Instagram

Suspended for breaching school rules

Alfie's mother, Emma said she was notified of Alfie's suspension from his school by staff who said her son has breached school rules.

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She said: "Nowadays, schools are all about accepting people for who they are and encouraging people to be unique and themselves. How is this any different?

Who is Ronaldo de lima

Ronaldo de Lima is a former Brazilian professional player who played as a striker before he retired. Amongst other things, he has popularly known for his controversial haircut during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Instagram users reacts

@prasheenlodhia said:

"Why does hair matter so much. Let people wear their hair however they want".

@shuuubhii said:

"They just jealous that they can't have such an elite haircut"

@heplugdrink react:

"How does this harm anyone? Let him express himself "

@eham_fonua react:

"Kid wants to be identified as a cat, no problem, but God forbid he get a haircut like ronaldo. ‍♂️"

@karan_ghorpade10 said:

"Time to change the school"

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@mxgi_ said:

"Man can roll in wearing skirts and identifying as a kettle but can’t get an iconic trim "

@scorpiomyselfandi said:

"Kicked out because of a haircut? How ridiculous"

@zarasultann said:

"that school needs to get their priorities straight"

16-year-old boy suspended after he was caught giving haircut in school toilet gets open cheque

Meanwhile, Legit. ng earlier reported how a 16-year-old boy was handed a one-day suspension by authorities of Renaissance High School in Detroit, US after he was caught giving a student haircut in the restroom.

When news of his suspension broke out, it luckily caught the attention of a leading professional barber in Detroit Sebastian Jackson who offered the young lad an opportunity to use his barbing shop to develop his craft.

The kind barber also offered Cameron an apprenticeship role. Sebastian is said to have learnt to cut hair at the age of 15.


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