Nigerian Lady Who Bought Bag of Rice at Lower Price Finds Out Its New Cost in Market 3 Weeks After

Nigerian Lady Who Bought Bag of Rice at Lower Price Finds Out Its New Cost in Market 3 Weeks After

  • A Nigerian lady who went to the market to get a bag of rice for N65,000 eventually found out that the price had skyrocketed
  • In the clip, the lady who was visibly unhappy by the news disclosed that the price changed to N85,000 within 3 weeks
  • The price of a bag of rice had been fluctuating for the past months, with many Nigerians finding out that they can no longer afford it

A Nigerian lady went to the market to purchase a bag of rice for N65,000, only to discover that the price had skyrocketed.

In the video, she expressed her frustration, revealing that the price had increased to N85,000 in just three weeks.

Nigerian lady finds out the new price of bag of rice
Lady shows new price of bag of rice. Photo credit: SOPA Images via Getty. For illustration purposes only. Depicted persons not related.
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The cost of a bag of rice has been fluctuating for months, leaving many Nigerians unable to afford it as easily dramatized by @pricess_feesah.

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Watch the video below:

Why is bag of rice going up?

The price of a bag of rice in Nigeria fluctuates due to many reasons.

Economic instability and inflation are causing the value of the naira to drop, making imported goods more expensive.

Additionally, local rice production is often affected by issues like poor infrastructure, inconsistent government policies, and climate change, which disturbs farming cycles.

These combined factors lead to frequent changes in rice prices, making it harder for many Nigerians to afford the food.

In a recent development, reported that a Nigerian lady was lucky as she was given the chance to enter a supermarket and shop for free.

Lady who visited market shared costly price of rice

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian lady felt happy after purchasing a bag of rice for a whopping amount of N75,000.

The happy mother posed with the bag of rice in her sitting room while carrying her little daughter in her arms.

The mother, who identified herself as @beautypills, said she was over the moon about being able to buy an expensive bag of rice. The funny woman also announced her decision to use the bag to sew a fine top for herself so that nothing goes to waste.


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