Tapswap: Nigerian Man Builds Tapping Device Which Mines Coins Faster without Using Fingers

Tapswap: Nigerian Man Builds Tapping Device Which Mines Coins Faster without Using Fingers

  • A Nigerian youth has invented a device that would help Nigerians participating in the Tapswap Telegram game make more coins faster
  • The young man, who had invented a fuelless generator in the past, said his tapping device could do over three million taps in a day without damaging the user's screen
  • Moreblessing Ogbogo, a crypto expert, shared with Legit.ng his thoughts on the tapping device innovation

Oyekunle Michael Ayansola, a multi-talented inventor, has created a tapping device to make mining coins on Tapswap faster and easier.

Ahead of Tapswap's listing, many Nigerians tap their phone screens with their fingers to earn more coins in the Telegram-based crypto game.

Joy as talented Nigerian man builds faster tapping device for Tapswap
Oyekunle Michael Ayansola said it can generate three million taps per day. Photo Credit: @tapswapfun, Oyekunle Michael Ayansola
Source: Twitter

Michael has now invented a game-changer called Tap4Me. Michael, who had invented a fuelless generator, spoke extensively about his newest invention.

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Capabilities of Michael's tapping device

Speaking exclusively with Legit.ng, Michael said Tap4Me can function even while the user is asleep.

He explained that it gathers more coins automatically without damaging the user's phone and can make up to three million Tapshares daily. In his words:

"Tap4Me is a smartphone screen tapping device, which helps coin miners gather more coins easily and faster automatically than fingers would do.
"When people place their smartphones under the tapping device, it is meant and designed to tap the smartphone screen just like the fingers without damaging the user's screen. It's capable of tapping the smartphone screen 3000x per minute and over 3 million taps per day.
"The tapping device is powered by either a 12-volt AC adapter or a 12-volt battery. It helps coin miners tap even while they are sleeping, as long as it's plugged in."

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In a video via his Instagram page, the Oyo indigene showed how the tapping device works.

Crypto expert speaks on the tapping device

In a chat with Legit.ng crypto expert Moreblessing Ogbogo said the tapping device is not new, as several others exist in developed nations. He added that it is not a bad invention coming from a Nigerian. He said:

"Yes, there are several of those kinds in developed nations like China and some Asian countries. It's new here because we're behind in tech, so It's not bad."

Tapswap announces special mission for Nigerians

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that Tapswap had announced a special mission for Nigerians and others.

According to Tapswap, the special mission comes with the 'biggest reward ever.' The rewards for Tapswappers are three million shares and a $600 (N800,100) Binance voucher. Tapswap added that the mission will be available for a limited time. Reacting to the announcement, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma welcomed the development. He told Legit.ng:

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"It's a good move on their own part and they have alot to proof because of the on going speculation."

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