Funny Lecturer Arrives Class Almost Late as Students Prepare to Exit Lecture Hall, Clip Trends

Funny Lecturer Arrives Class Almost Late as Students Prepare to Exit Lecture Hall, Clip Trends

  • A hilarious video capturing an incident between a lecturer and his students went viral on TikTok
  • In the clip, the lecturer informed his students that if he was ever 10 minutes late to class, they could leave immediately
  • The students were thrilled as the lecturer was almost 10 minutes late and began preparing to leave, but he managed to arrive with only 2 seconds to spare

A funny video of a lecturer and his students went viral on TikTok. In the clip, the lecturer tells his students that if he is ever 10 minutes late to class, they can leave right away.

Lecturer arrives late to the class after making rules
Lecturer arrives with 2 seconds to spare. Photo credit: Klaus Vedfelt. For illustration purposes only. Depicted persons have no relationship with event described in the material.
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The students were excited when the lecturer was nearly 10 minutes late and started getting ready to leave, but he surprised them by arriving with just 2 seconds to spare, as shown by @whistle.

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Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Jeremy y said:

“He was waiting outside the door lol.”

Raulpr777 wrote:

“Even giving a demotivational speech.”

Bradtraina563 commented:

“Should of closed the door at 3.”


“That little "augh" the girl had.”


“Why didn't you lock the door?”


“Nah he's a cool professor I can tell.”


“He sounds like Tony Stark.”

Gregory sammartano:

“Bro that was the most depressing thing I've ever heard Imaooo.”

Ze hitlezuUchablerg:

“U can leave no matter what.”


“Nah he was late.”

Op81 simp:

“Guarantee he was sitting outside at around the 6th minute just waiting.”

Anthony Lifestyle:

“Imagine paying for this.”


“Him : Proceeds to skate into class. Also Him: Being an econ major is not about having fun, it's about giving up your dreams?”

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“Just preparing them properly for the workforce and it's constant beat downs.”

The tondale:

“That video was probably 14 minutes long once you factor in the ads.”

Lecturer teaching abroad makes backpedalling dance

In a related story, reported a captivating video of a Nigerian lecturer abroad who expressed his delight when his student answered a tough question correctly.

While instructing a complex topic, the lecturer listened attentively to the foreign student's response.

Upon realising that she had provided the right answer, he celebrated by performing a reverse dance move that amused the entire class.

In another development, also reported that students burst into laughter and made jokes after seeing their colleague correcting a lecturer on the board.

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