Nigerian Woman Reunites with Son in Australia after 8 Years of Living Apart, Video Emerges

Nigerian Woman Reunites with Son in Australia after 8 Years of Living Apart, Video Emerges

  • A Nigerian woman shared a touching TikTok video of her reunion with her son after they spent eight years apart
  • She captured their first encounter at the airport filled with overwhelming joy and excitement, highlighting the emotional moment they embraced
  • She commented on her son's disheveled appearance, yet her heart swelled with gratitude for their reunion

A Nigerian woman recounted her emotional reunion with her son after an eight-year separation, capturing the heartfelt moment on TikTok.

The footage revealed their joyous encounter at the airport, brimming with elation. Embracing tightly, the mother and son shared a poignant hug.

Nigerian lady with reunites son in Australia
Both mother and son are happy to meet each other. Photo credit: @braidswesteraustrlia
Source: TikTok

Despite noting that her son’s appearance was not at its prime, she expressed profound gratitude for their long-awaited togetherness, as shown by @braidswesteraustrlia.

Watch the video below:

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S_star said:

“I will follow you up to get more updates on his stature now his with u.”

Happistarr wrote:

“Aww congratulations Martha so happy for you!”

Ayenteke3 commented:

“No one will ever understand the pain of leaving your child behind unless you've been through it.”


“Crying with strangers has become my hobby.”


“Am crying too caUse I understand her tears,especially when u know that u have been sending enough money for his upkeeps, look at how he's looking.”


“Show you the Beautiful World where is his bagg.”

Perth braids:

“I didn't allow him to bring one as I didn't want them to know he is coming here straight just told them he was going for short trip due to the red flag I saw on how he looks everytime I see his pico.”

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“I repeat no one can take care of your kids like their real motheree.l am crying right now.”

Edda 254:

“I believe my time will come. I need my two sons here with me God. I can't stop crying.”

La mukongolese:

“l'm crying right now I left my son l've tried to apply but they refused to give him a visa may God locate me 11years non see him not easy.”

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