“They Think I Can Repair Phones”: Lady who Works as Programmer from Nigeria Shares Her Experience

“They Think I Can Repair Phones”: Lady who Works as Programmer from Nigeria Shares Her Experience

  • A Nigerian lady who pursued a career in programming reflected on her time in the industry, expressing that her parents had a preference for traditional professions like engineering, which they understood
  • She highlighted the common misconceptions held by others regarding her profession, where people outside the tech sphere often mistook her ability to code for expertise in repairing electronic devices
  • This mix-up, while amusing, shed light on the broader issue of the public’s understanding of the role and skills of a programmer in Nigeria

A Nigerian lady, formerly employed as a programmer, narrated her experiences working within Nigeria’s tech industry.

She revealed that her parents favoured more traditional professions, such as engineering, over programming—a field they found perplexing.

The lady appeared excited about her profession
The lady shares her experience. Photo credit: @celebrity_web_developers
Source: TikTok

Coding lady from Nigeria

Additionally, as shared by @celebrity_web_developers, she humorously noted that individuals unfamiliar with programming frequently assumed she possessed the skills to fix phones and laptops as well.

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Watch the video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Charlotte J.Smith said:

“I'm a cyber security expert everyone think imma yahoo boy.”

Göds Pëāçë Jeffery wrote:

“I'm a Nigerian programmer, my neighbors think I do Yahoo.”

Millimeter commented:

“What's your stack.”

CodeLite Web also commented:

“Laravel and and Python(Django framework) for back end development, html css JavaScript and angular for front end.”

NeW DaWn:

“Do you have Logitech keyboard? and pls where can I geta good wireless rgb keyboard like.”


“What degree can I get to become a programmer.”


“Teach me how to program.”


“I am a Nigeria programmer, of course, when I stay indoors, my neighbors think am a yahoo boy.”


“Lol what are u saying? A programmer is also an engineer or don't ya know.. Yap we also engineer.”

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“Sorry am not pls.. I cannot repair phones and laptops sorry.”


“Pls l'm ready to learn how much do charge.”

Lady works from home, earns in dollars

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian lady has made a clip showing how she combines her remote job with a full-time job in Lagos state.

She revealed in a video that she has three abroad-based clients that she works for. After settling into her office, she did some minor jobs waiting for her online.

Minutes into checking her PC, she saw an email that showed she had been paid about N200k for the work she did for just two weeks.

Source: Legit.ng

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