Man Shares What He Caught Two Adults Doing on Aeroplane, Says They Were Like that for 4 Hours

Man Shares What He Caught Two Adults Doing on Aeroplane, Says They Were Like that for 4 Hours

  • A man has taken to social media to display a rare thing that happened on a flight he recently took
  • He was amused to find two lovebirds, who occupied seats in front of him, having a romantic moment
  • He took pictures of them and shared them on social media, saying he couldn't believe they remained that way for hours

A man has caused a commotion on social media over what he saw on his flight.

In a viral tweet on X, @babyibeenajoint shared pictures of what two passengers ahead of him were doing.

Man shares pictures of what two adults were engaged in on four-hour flight
He said the lovebirds were like that for four hours. The image on the far left is for illustration purpose and is unrelated to the story. Photo Credit: Aaron Foster, X/@babyibeenajoint
Source: Getty Images

From the pictures, they seemed to have converted their seats to a bed and laid on them with their legs on each other.

The lovebirds did a love sign with their hands as they enjoyed each other's company. @babyibeenajoint revealed they were like that for four hours. He was in disbelief.

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He wrote:

"Can't believe my view on the plane.
"It was like this the whole 4 hour flight."

In another unusual incident on an aeroplane, a man was spotted hawking grasshoppers to flight passengers.

See his tweet below:

People react to @babyibeenajoint's discovery

@MzTeel said:

"The seats be nasty tho…I wonder am I on a spectrum or something. Things that bother me ..dnt bother others.
"I may have a tick or something b/c dnt even ask me to do this."

@_Walentino said:

"Forget that, we gotta talk about this girl sleeping behind them, 1 shoe on 1 shoe off."

@IsaacAvena said:

"Throw on some headphone and watch a movie or read a book. I only have a problem on planes if a baby is crying or if you’re reclining your seat into my space."

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@LordYeezus said:

"Imagine being in front of them and wondering why it smell like hot feet ."

@_Walentino said:

"I hated these types of couples in highschool, all in the hall slowing you down."

@FreakyFrogggg said:

"How did the flight attendant not say anything ???"

@ChaosMoogle said:

"Y'all still get on planes?!
"After the Boeing debacles, I've just accepted that I'm never going back to the states.
"The Caribbean is my home now lol."

Woman spotted sewing during flight

Meanwhile, previously reported that a woman was spotted sewing on an aeroplane.

The unidentified black woman in an Instagram video by @gossipboyz1 was seen sewing clothes with a sewing machine on a flight.

Her action got her oyinbo seatmate staring but she was unperturbed. The video has gone viral and generated mixed reactions.


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