"She Won't Let Me Kill It": Little Girl Carefully Safeguards Chicken from Mum, Gives it Makeover

"She Won't Let Me Kill It": Little Girl Carefully Safeguards Chicken from Mum, Gives it Makeover

  • A video of a little girl painting the toes of a live chicken and applying lip gloss to its mouth has gone viral
  • The mother of the girl revealed that the chicken was a gift from someone to her and it was meant to be eaten
  • The hilarious video ignited lots of reactions from netizens who shared their opinions in the comment section

A hilarious video of a little girl who coveted her mother’s live chicken has left netizens rolling on the floor.

In the video shared by her mother @remillards4 on TikTok, the little girl painted the chicken’s toes and applied lipgloss to its mouth.

Little girl gives chicken a makeover in video
Little girl stops mum from killing chicken Photo credit: @remillards4/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Little girl takes care of chicken

The chicken sat comfortably as the little one did the makeover on it while her mother filmed the moment.

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According to her mother, the live chicken was a gift from someone to her but each time she tried to slaughter the chicken, her daughter would not agree to it.

She captioned the video:

“POV: was gifted with this chicken to be eaten but my daughter can't just let me slaughter it.”

Reactions as little girl cares for chicken

Netizens have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts on the video.


“How come the chicken is soo chill and relax.”

@MaMsomi100 said:

“The hen was like "You can do whatever you want as long as they don't cook me.”

Capricorn said:

“The hen is understanding.”

Bibi_couture_kids said:

“Hunger never wipe me una...she will cry but when she's done, I will give her the claps.”

Mah wama girls said:

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“The hen is like I am glad we friends, put tha nail polish so she will know I am not for dinner.”

Nakeys fruitful juice1 said:

“How she convinces them to sit comfortably is what I don't understand.”

@viviaN Beadry O©FE said:

“How do they be so calm around her?? I think she is naturally gifted.”

Strong woman said:

“This gal understands their language how did she convince it to stay.”

@miss_anyim said:

“I used to have a chicken like that when I was young el cried the day it was slaughteredd.”

Jacqueline said:

“Awwwn…pretty little dinner.”

@phina19 reacted:

“The chicken is enjoying.”

@christaindeeks said:

“I need an understanding Hen.”

@essyfavor said:

“Hen feeling Bonita.”

Watch the video below:

Little girl plays with lion in video

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a young girl has been spotted in a heart-wrenching video having a casual moment with a lioness that also appeared to have understood the unharmful gestures of the baby.

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Another interesting side of the video was how the baby girl felt comfortable throwing gestures at the lion although it was much bigger and looked menacing. Below were some thoughts shared in the comment section of the video by impressed netizens.

Source: Legit.ng

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