"You Get Mind Give My Babe N500k": Man Plans Revenge on Neighbour Who Used Money to Woo Lover

"You Get Mind Give My Babe N500k": Man Plans Revenge on Neighbour Who Used Money to Woo Lover

  • A shocking tale of betrayal unfolded in an upscale estate as a man accused his neighbour of attempting to lure his girlfriend
  • The alleged culprit's unexpected actions included a lavish cash gift of N500k to someone else's girlfriend
  • Social media users have reacted massively to the post with many criticising the young man over his inappropriate act

A resident of an estate in Nigeria who wished to remain anonymous has come forward with a disturbing revelation.

According to the individual who sent a message to @Wizarab10, a neighbour had first issued him a chilling warning upon his arrival to the community.

Man plans revenge on neighbour who gave his babe N500k
Man blasts neighbour who gave his babe N500k Photo credit: Bloomberg FG Trade / Getty Images. Depicted person has no relationship with this story. Photos used for illustration only.
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The neighbour claimed that there was a group of men known for engaging in illicit affairs with other residents' partners.

Man reveals how his estate neighbour tried to lure his girlfriend away

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Little did he know that the cautionary tale would soon hit closer to home.

He recounted a fateful day when his girlfriend sought him out at work and described an encounter with a neighbour in his late 30s who had picked her up from the estate gate and dropped her off in front of their shared home.

Days later, the same neighbour coincidentally encountered the girlfriend at a local pharmacy.

Seizing the opportunity, he presented her with a lavish birthday gift of N500k.

The girlfriend, caught off guard, immediately called her partner, urging him to join her. When he arrived, he confronted the neighbour, who belittled him and claimed superiority.

The once-friendly jogging companion now pretended not to know him.

In his words;

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“I greet you boss, I stay in one of the estates on the island, bone of my neighbour (guy) told me when I moved in that there's this group of guys/men who sleep with people's wives/babe, that they have done it to him twice.
"To my story, my babe came to my look for me one of those days I went to work, she told me one guy late 30s picked her and her friend from the estate gate and dropped her in front of my house, her friend also stays in the same estate, so my babe did her birthday of recent and her friend posted me taking her for a treat on her status.
"The guy that picked them collected her friend number, saw the post on the friend status and asked "how va my babe" to which the friend responded if he couldn't see that she dey with her guy.

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"My babe was around and she went to the pharmacy to get one or two, this guy meets my babe there and decides to gift my babe 500k for her birthday, my babe calls me on the spot tells me to drive over, I meet this man whining my babe.
"Baba dey tell my babe say I be small boy and all, say me I be salary worker, this na man wey we dey jog together oooo, I reach there he lookaway like say he no sabi me, I ask my babe if she collect the money she say yes, no wham, na this guy crew blow my neighbour babe.
"Me I done run am obs, Kelvin your office is at lekki 1, your father stays at gbagada, your sister would fly into lagos 18 of dec, your wife works at marina, your children school in chevron, your two side chicks live at osapa and ajah, I have receipts of the last house rent you paid for sharon, you dey buy smoke for papi's.

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"You say you go show me say you pass me based on my own babe, nothing spoil, f'up no dey sour, I know say you dey follow sir d. That na why I dey use this medium tell you say you go feel am!”

Reactions as man calls out former friend who wooed his babe

Netizens took to the comments section to share their opinions on the matter.

@Sire Gift said:

“Lmfaoo. This one even mention all the man family members name and what they do for a living. I would like to see the end of this.”

@badmanJUD reacted:

“Kelvin's wife showing him this tweet.”

@mikky190 said:

“Na Pablo moves be dis oh.”

@De GreatKhan said:

“Wetin de pain this guy na say dem call am small boy.”

@Elliotcute reacted:

“Las las na this guy go feel m cox he don cast m. Something wey you suppose run low key you dey here dey rant half man.”

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@izz_olatunji reacted:

“Na, she is not worth fighting over. No need to disturb yourself. She is not a keeper.”

@pacifik commented:

“All this vawulence for Kpekus? Both the potential autographer and the one wey don dey autograph dey come should look for a way to settle this peacefully. No woman is worth fighting over unless she's your mother or legally married wife.”

See the post below:

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a single mother has cried out online as her relationship with her fiancé hit the rocks. In the chats she shared via her TikTok account, the young man advised her to sell off the ring because he no longer wants to marry her.

He went ahead to suggest that the single mother uses the money earned through selling the ring to take care of her daughter.

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