Samsung S22 vs iPhone 14: Man Brings Out Phone, Challenges iPhone User, Launches Wireless Charging

Samsung S22 vs iPhone 14: Man Brings Out Phone, Challenges iPhone User, Launches Wireless Charging

  • A video of a man challenging an iPhone user with his Samsung S22 has generated arguments online
  • The man used the wireless charging function of his phone to give the iPhone some charge to show its power
  • Many people who still loved their iPhone regardless of the Samsung's functions maintained their preference.

A man who uses a Samsung phone showed off how his Android phone can switch multiple torchlights all at once.

A man (@jiokehumble) who saw his video talked down on his phone, saying an iPhone was much better than his. In response, he made another video.

iPhone vs Samsung/Man showed off phone.
The man showed off cool features on his Samsung S22. Photo source: @jiokehumble
Source: TikTok

iPhone or Samsung: Which is best?

He brought out an iPhone 14 Pro Max and used the wireless charging function of his Samsung to recharge it, asking the person if their phone could ever come close.

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Many people thronged the man's comment section to argue the best between an Android OS and iOS.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Obi said:

"Samsung user we mount fully."

Miracle_119 said:

"Them do the Samsung as the iPhone power bank you just proud Dey use power bank."

chisco jp said:

"Men that like show off use iPhone to prove their worth but men with low key life ,uses Samsung."

slim Psalmy said:

"Forget it samsung or nothing."

MillionairesCourt joked:

"Samsung has dropped to power bank level for iPhone."


"If them buy iPhone them no dey pay complete...the screen of that Samsung go buy sub for that iphone...for 365 days."

Mr Crypto said:

"No video fit change my mind about iphone.. I go still buy iphone if the new one come out."

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"Samsung is very good."

EmmySmart said:

"No doubt about this we all know iPhone is better than whatever the proud Android users are using it."

steve harvey

"Shey the Samsung dey fly…. Mr power bank dem don cut our ear oo.. Ajeh na I phone I go still buy."

Friends dipped in iPhone 14 and Samsung S22 in water

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young man, @her.ex_boyfriend,_, and his friends got many people's minds up when they placed their iPhone 14 pro max, iPhone 13 pro max, and Samsung S22 plus in a bowl of water.

The young man who shared the video said they wanted to test which of the phones was stronger when it came to water resistance.

Lady used iPhone's Airdrop to get attention

Similarly, a Nigerian lady, @baraka___, on TikTok captured the moment she saw a very handsome Arab man on a train in the UK.

The lady said that to get the man's attention, she used her iPhone to airdrop into nearby devices, asking who was single and an Arab on the train.


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