“E for Use ChatGPT”: Nigerian Man Submits CV for N800k Job, His Statement Surprises Employer

“E for Use ChatGPT”: Nigerian Man Submits CV for N800k Job, His Statement Surprises Employer

  • A 23-year-old Nigerian man applying for a job of N800,000 salary confidently wrote a one-line CV to beg his prospective employer
  • The man who identified himself as Kenneth did not consider that the job asked for five to six years of experience before applying
  • The HR officer who opened his CV was shocked that a person would be so careless as the applicant was

A lady who works as an HR expert shared a video that showed the one-line CV an applicant sent for a job that offers an N800,000 monthly salary.

She was surprised when she opened the Word document that he sent, and it was only a line of a funny statement.

Funny job CV/Man begged for job.
The man wrote one line in his CV. (Illustrative photos) Credit: shironosov, Ivan Pantic, TikTok/mostcool_hr
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Man's CV gets employer's attention

The lady (@mostcool_hr) said even though she admired his optimism, no one should ever do what he did. The man's CV read:

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"I'm Kenneth from Nigeria, I can work any work, I'm 23 years old."

The video showing the applicant's CV stirred reactions online as some praised him for his unconventional way of getting HR's attention.

Watch the video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

King Jashua said:

"At least, this got your attention from the bunch of cover letters you skimmed through."

joy75921 said:

"After writing long essay, they no go still consider u."

Puriche said:

"Can’t blame Kenneth, the amount of stress job application takes? yoo."

crenerit said:

"Him for just use ChatGPT that would have greatly increased his odds."


"Who get energy for cover letter."

auntie said:

"This is actually quite audacious."

BALATHEish said:

"Idan nor dey write CV give job, na job dey right CV give am."

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No 1 perfume plug said:

"He got your attention tho…that was the plan."

franchesca said:

"Ehen ... all the ones wey dey construct wetin we gain."

Timi said:

"Love his confidence."

bluebaabi said:

"And 5-6 years of experience is just crazy to me, some of you recruiters are not it at all."

Woman who earns well abroad shares experience

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a woman (@akuaserwaa252) who travelled abroad to make ends meet and get better opportunities shared a short video that showed what she does for a living.

A camera she placed close to her showed the moment she swept a street abroad. People were amazed at how she was working to change her story.

Man earning N700k salary considers relocating

Similarly, a Nigerian man earning N700k salary and still had a farm business said he wanted to relocate out of Nigeria because all his friends had done so.

Confused about what step to take, the man sought advice from people on whether he should make a move or not.

Source: Legit.ng

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