"Jesus Told Me To": Woman Arrested for Attempting to Open Door of Aeroplane Mid-Flight

"Jesus Told Me To": Woman Arrested for Attempting to Open Door of Aeroplane Mid-Flight

  • A woman identified as Ms Agbegninou caused a scene inside a plane after attempting to open the door mid-flight
  • The young woman was however stopped by smart passengers and flight attendants who were fast enough to capture her
  • After getting apprehended by authorities, the woman claimed that Jesus ordered her to open the door of the aeroplane

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A 34-year-old woman, Elom Agbegninou, has gone viral following her scary attempt to open the door of an aeroplane mid-flight.

The young woman who boarded Southwest Airlines was arrested after she attempted to force open the door at 37,000 feet (11,2km).

Woman attempts to open aeroplane door, mid flight, Jesus told me to
Woman attempts to open door of aeroplane Photo Credit: @The Independent
Source: UGC

During the flight, Elom forced her way to the plane’s rear door, and in process of trying to open the emergency door mid-flight, she bit the inner thigh of another passenger.

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The flight attendants spotted her standing at the back of the plane staring at the door, and they ordered her to use the bathroom or sit down.

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She asked to look out the back door window but got negative feedback. However, instead of going to her seat, she walked past the flight attendant and tried to open the door.

Some passengers noticed she was trying to open the door and rushed to restrain her, but she reacted by allegedly biting them continuously on the inner thigh, The Independent reports.

Court documents reveal that she kept biting down until the passenger “worked their fingers up to (her) jawline in an attempt to have (her) release the bite, which she eventually did”.

The victim was finally able to wrestle the woman to the ground, and they later received antibiotic treatment and a hepatitis injection.

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The plane made its emergency landing at Little Rock, where Agbegninou was met on the runway by police.

When interrogated, she began hitting her head on the plane floor and said afterwards that “Jesus told her to fly to Ohio and Jesus told her to open the door”.

She reportedly travelled alone, without luggage, and failed to inform her husband she would be taking the flight.

According to Pubity, Ms Agbegninou is currently facing charges of assault and interference with flight crew members.

Social media reactions

Bestcelebrations said:

"Not shocked they were on their way to Ohio."

Joshpalerlin wrote:

"I don’t think she even knows how to open an aeroplane door to be honest."

Paullyhughes commented:

"Imagine being on that flight, and as a man you stand up and just level her with the best punch you got, the plane erupts in cheers, you’re a hero. I’m not on the side of hitting women, but I’ve always wondered what would happen if in a crazy circumstance like this, what damage you could do, ya know? Or am out of my fuking mind fellas."

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Ben_stajdl added:

"Those doors won’t open mid flight due to the pressure and how they actually open, although still probably terrifying for people watching that happen that don’t necessarily know much about the planes."

Hardcorecloser added:

"If I saw someone trying to open the door, they would pray for cops to intervene."

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Source: Legit.ng

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