Nas Daily of Nigeria: How Theoder Innocent is discovering forgotten sites and zones; helping people

Nas Daily of Nigeria: How Theoder Innocent is discovering forgotten sites and zones; helping people

Described as fearless and a risk-taker, some have asked what Theoder Innocent Okechukwu's motivation was. Many have even questioned the thoughts in his head, wondering why he has chosen the creepy path of daring adventures over comfort. But in the silence of dangerous paths and the sound of rippling water, the young man said he has found his strength.

Born and bred in Nigeria, like a wind roaming the thick desert he has been forcing himself through the dark and dangerous sites and zones of the country, putting forgotten places and people on the map.

Innocent, who is undeterred by the security challenges in the north and the grim expression of the roads in the south, said he just wants to tell stories, and probably make life better for people whose plights are not told through the radio and newspapers.

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Theoder Innocent Okechukwu
Theoder Innocent Okechukwu is discovering Nigeria and helping the helpless people in it. Credit: @TiOkechukwu
Source: Twitter
"My mission is to tell stories and discover places people never knew existed, and tell stories of villages that need help and people living in them who need help also," Innocent told in a conversation.

The NAS Daily of Nigeria

With his team of young minds, he takes the cameras and drones in search of stories probably never said by anyone, documents these mind-blo'wing discoveries in beautiful voices and pictures on his Youtube channel InDiscov.

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With the purpose of appreciating the history and flora and fauna in Nigeria, Innocent and his InDiscov team have visited places like the Kiri Dam which was built in 1982 in Adamawa state.

In Abuja, the federal capital territory, he found an incredible lake sitting in the middle of the rock, just as he discovered RiwiRiwi in Adamawa, a very isolated village one may not believe exists.

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"RiwiRiwi is a place ravaged by bandits. The place is risky, there is no network, no internet. They kidnap and demand ransom and people hardly go there," he said.

In RiwiRiwi, no one feels the presence of government. Villagers, who speak Hausa, need to use their hands to dig the sand deep before they can get water.

More than an adventurer

Like a rainbow of my colours, Innocent does not just find his passion in discovery, Innocent is also an entrepreneur who has a charity organisation where he helps helpless kids by putting them in schools and getting them enrolled for examinations.

"I put them (these kids) on scholarship, go to their school and pay for their school fees till they finish primary school. And I assist some in paying their WAEC fees," he told

Asked about his motivation for taking these risks, Innocent said his dream is to see the Nigerian society better and well documented in clear sound and quality images.

According to him, there are places in need of light and people in need of succour with no one to talk to. That is why he took the responsibility to be the voice of change.


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