I Really Need Help: Young Nigerian Begs on Twitter as many respond

I Really Need Help: Young Nigerian Begs on Twitter as many respond

  • Following some challenges life brought his way, a Nigerian, Dayo Apata has openly called for help on Twitter
  • According to him, he needed help to solve his pressing challenge which will ultimately help him take care of his wife
  • Apata also revealed in his post that he lost his job and from there, things started becoming difficult for him

A young Nigerian identified as Dayo Apata has openly called for help on Twitter. Apata who narrated how his wife helped him buy a car revealed that the car is faulty and he needs help in repairing it.

According to him, this is the only way he can use in feeding his family who stood by him. Following his pleas on Twitter, some people have agreed to help him.

Young Nigerian begs for help.
Dayo Apata, a Nigerian, has openly called for help on Twitter. Photo: Vanguard
Source: UGC

Read his full narration below.

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I lost my job last year, my wife help me get a loan to get a tokunbo car 3.1m now the got spoiled. I can't work. I just started not up to 3weeks and I don't have money to repair the car. They said I need to change the power steering, I don't have that kind of money to do this.

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I look for job for almost 8months I couldn't get one so my wife get me the loan from a place to start bolt driver, I really can't tell her I need to repair the car of 3weeks. I need help I need to fix the car, also I need a Job. Pls help me I'm depress.
Life has been so hard for myself and my wife since I lost my job I couldn't find any job since, I want to take care of my wife, pls help me she has been so supportive, pls help me not to disappoint her. Help me fix the car and help me get a job. I'm depress, please help me.

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My wife stood with me since day one, pls help me get a good life so that for me to take care of my wife, I have a blind mother too that needed care, life has been difficult for me for a very long time now , at this point i can't figure it out anymore. I'm fed up
Pls help me get my life back on track, I'm depress I'm so depress, I haven't feel this way before I think I know real real depression now. I'm confused at this point of my life I can't figure it out anymore. Please help me I want to take care of my wife and my mother.. pls help me.
Myself and my wife have been through may things but she stood by me pls, help me I don't want her labour to be in vain, I want to take good care of her, I want her to live a good life. She's a good woman she's needed to be Happy, pls help me to make this her reality.

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Pls help me to get out of this depression. Now I didn't tell her that the car broke down I can't tell her, I don't want her to be depress like myself. Pls help me pls help us.
I need a job, and I needed to fix the car. I can't tell my wife what I'm going through right now because she will be so drepress, pls help me I want to give her a better life also to take care of my blind mom. This people has been through a lot because of me. I'm losing my mind.
Pls help me get a stable job. Pls help me get a stable job, pls help me get a stable job I'm in Lagos. I moved to Lagos last 3weeks to start the bolt, staying with a brother. Pls help me I want to give my wife a better life she deserves also to take care of my mom. I studied agriculture at University of Agriculture Abeokuta, I'm also a photographer too, I can fit in any position with little training.

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