Us Rapper Eve Expecting Hubby’s 5th Kid After Vowing Never To Date Men With Children

Us Rapper Eve Expecting Hubby’s 5th Kid After Vowing Never To Date Men With Children

  • Rapper Eve announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Maximillion Cooper
  • The 42-year-old settled down with her billionaire husband who had four from his previous relationship despite making it public that she was not interested in dating men with kids
  • Eve married Cooper in June 2014 after dating for four years and they have been trying to have their own baby since then

Rapper and actress Eve Jihan Cooper is expecting her first baby with her billionaire husband Maximillion Cooper. They got married in June 2014.

US Rapper Eve Didn't Want to Date Men with Kids, Is Now Expecting Hubby's 5th Child
Eve shows off her baby bump; Eve and husband, Maximillion Cooper:@jazzymcbee.
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Speaking during a recent interview with On-site, the star revealed the exciting news while reminiscing how she previously hated men with kids before she fell in love with one.

She said it is normal for girls to set such restrictions for themselves before they are hit by reality and forced to scratch them off.

"I got to a point in my life where I said love is love. I stopped caring about so many things and settled for true love and respect. I had many restrictions before. Sometimes we women do put a lot of restrictions on ourselves. I remember before meeting him I didn't like men with kids," Eve said.

Eve lives with her husband and four step-children.

Eve was broken

The rapper previously opened up about the struggles she's faced and said she felt 'broken' and 'not good enough when she didn't get pregnant.

This is why fans flocked to congratulate her on the news after she made the announcement of her pregnancy and that she is expecting her first baby.

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