Married Man Nags Over Side Chick's Wedding Plans, Says He is Ready to Raise Their Son: "So Selfish"

Married Man Nags Over Side Chick's Wedding Plans, Says He is Ready to Raise Their Son: "So Selfish"

  • A Kenyan man admitted to having wronged his side chick by leaving her after she became pregnant, opting instead to focus on his family
  • He sought advice on rekindling the relationship with her and said he was willing to take responsibility for his son who he had previously refused to interact with
  • The man lamented about the side chick's wedding plans, saying she should wait until their son was older to get married

A Kenyan man has taken to social media to lament about the marriage of his side chick.

A man holds his cheek, lost in thought.
A Kenyan man said he wanted his side chick back after discovering she was getting married. Photo for illustration. Photo: Urbazon/ Getty Images.
Source: UGC

In an anonymous message to TikTok user @hannanoons, the man expressed his disapproval of the side chick's marriage.

He disclosed that he got her pregnant before leaving her and decided to focus on his family.

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The man went on to say that despite the side chick's pleas for him to raise and interact with his son, he refused because he was not ready.

However, on learning that she was making wedding preparations, the man was not pleased saying he had tried to reach out to her to no avail. He said he was ready to spend time with his son.

Further, the man said he did not support the side chick's marriage, saying she should wait for their boy to get a bit older first.

Turning to netizens for advice, he said he did not mind getting back together with the side chick and wanted to know how he would do so.

In his words:

"I'll start with acknowledging I was wrong. I got my side chick pregnant seven years ago and decided to focus on my family. But the issue is she's now getting married, and her dowry has already been paid for. I am concerned with the man's intentions since men don't marry women with boy children. I am willing to meet my son and take responsibility if only she can hold on until the child is a bit older. If she wants to get married, she can."

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He continued:

"I've tried all ways to meet amekataa kabisa. But also kama atanirudia me siwezi kata. She has forced me severally to mingle with the boy but i wasn't ready. I know boys need their fathers. Is there a correct way of making her come back apart from impregnating again?"

How netizens reacted to the man's revelation

The man's lamentations ignited several reactions from netizens.


"Hiyo part ya he didn't think men want women with boys meant he had hoped she will always be trapped with him. Ako na hiyo uchungu."


"I know a guy alifungiwa kwa nyumba na kijiji the whole day coz he wanted to cause havoc on his baby Mama's wedding."


"My current situation alikataa mtoi now that am married he wants to take responsibility aty anataka kulipa school fees and anything my daughter needs."


"Haha! Who told him women can't get married with a baby boy."

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@dohty_sweet cakes:

"Kwanza anasema I decided to focus on my family....woi msichana move on."


"Ati, hold on? She should put her life to a standstill because of him? eii audacity."


"So he just decided to take responsibility after kusikia dame anaolewa?? babygal enda uolewe achana na huyu aki."


"This is a whole weapon formed against someone."


"Waah may God shield this one from that selfish man forever and ever."


"He even knows that atakemewa so yes he knows he is doing wrong, enemy of progress."

@iam Mukuhi:

"Let that girl have her beautiful life again...wewe ni wivu inakusumbua you never saw her getting somebody to love her sasa inakusumbua."

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