"I Love Rings": Yinka Davies Gives Fashion Tips, Speaks on People Who Dress to be Noticed, Others

"I Love Rings": Yinka Davies Gives Fashion Tips, Speaks on People Who Dress to be Noticed, Others

  • Veteran singer Yinka Davies has shared her thoughts on individuals who dress to overshadow their hosts at events
  • In an interview with Legit.ng, she also spoke about her favourite fashion accessory and the fashion item she can do without
  • She further noted that a creative individual does not bother about what to wear to an event but rather focuses on his or her performance

Popular Nigerian singer Yinka Davies has shared her favourite fashion accessory and the fashion item she can do without if necessary.

Yinka Davies shares her favourite fashion items
Yinka Davies gives some fashion tips. Image credit: @iamyinkadavies
Source: Instagram

In an interview with Legit.ng, she stated that people who overdress to get noticed are only portraying vanity. Furthermore, she said that people should dress in a way that would make them comfortable, among other issues.

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Art is an expression, says Yinka

The Jazz singer, who is also a theatre practitioner, shared her thoughts about wearing certain outfits in public. She said:

"Well, art is an expression. A creative mind won't bother himself about what to wear when all in his or her mind is to create an experiential memory for those who listen to him or her."

The 53-year-old also shared her opinion about the trend of guests dressing more than their hosts, especially at weddings, and if she thinks the couple is to blame for not meeting up to the occasion.

"First off, the minds of our people need re-alignment. How will it look, that for all intent and purposes, a person will decide in himself or herself, that he or she must be noticed when she enters any gathering, that's vanity, and the height of conceit that boarders around envy! As for the couple, why should we put pressure on them to do what their purses cannot handle? All we should be doing is to be supportive not push them into reckless aggravation on worthless things that won't last."

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What is Yinka's favourite fashion item?

Speaking about the fashion item she loves and does not want to be seen without, Yinka said:

"I'm not particularly sure though about the item but I like my rings and my shoes. However, I can be barefoot should the occasion call for it."

She also spoke about whether she has limitations when it comes to fashion, saying:

"Fashion is a name given to societal trends. Whatever suits your fancy that won't make you go checking yourself publicly like the young girls wearing mini dresses but keeping their hands on it so it shouldn't fly. If you know you are conscious of yourself, don't wear what you will be embarrassed to be seen in."

Kitan Bukola gives fashion tips

In an earlier interview with Legit.ng, Nollywood actress Kitan Bukola noted that there was nothing wrong with repeating clothes as a celebrity.

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She added that wearing too much in the name of fashion could be tacky, and that's why she preferred being simple.

Also, she revealed her plans for 2024 as an entertainer and her decision to be a better version of herself.

Source: Legit.ng

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