"I Detest Corporate Outfits": Actor Mike Uchegbu Shares Favourite Accessory, Love for Full Beards

"I Detest Corporate Outfits": Actor Mike Uchegbu Shares Favourite Accessory, Love for Full Beards

  • Actor Mike Uchegbu has opened up on the reason he keeps a full beard, and what influences his fashion style
  • In an interview with Legit.ng, he also spoke about his preference for casual clothes and his dislike for corporate wears
  • The actor further shared that he loves wristwatches and cannot be seen without wearing any on his left hand

Nollywood actor Mike Uchegbu loves his full beard but will be willing to give it up if the pay is good.

In an interview with Legit.ng, he revealed that though he hates corporate outfits, his profession sometimes determines what he wears.

Mike Uchegbu speaks on love for wristwatches
Mike Uchegbu reveals his love for casual outfits, wristwatches, and other issues. Image credit: @mike_uchegbu/Instagram
Source: Instagram

In addition, he spoke about his love for casual wear and why he cannot be caught without a wristwatch.

Why is Mike Uchegbu with a full beard?

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The role interpreter said he loves his full beard because they have become a part of his image and his brand. He said:

"Having beards is very personal to me. I have my reasons and they are not extra-ordinary or out of place. My beards add up to my looks and it has been a part of my brand for a very long time. If a project I am working on wants me to take it off, and I will be well compensated, that's understandable. I can always grow it back again."

Mike Uchegbu prefers casual outfits

Speaking on the kind of outfits he likes, the actor said he loved to be casual. He stated:

"I prefer casual, and anything that has to do with shorts, pants, and T-shirts. I am not a corporate person. I detest anything corporate. It is because of the field I find myself, the characterisation, and ceremonies that determines the kind of attires I adorn. That may force me to wear corporate outfits at times."

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I love wristwatches - Mike says

Furthermore, the actor revealed that he could not be caught without a wristwatch. In his words:

"One cannot find me without a wristwatch, be it leather, silver, gold, or metallic. There has to be a wristwatch on my left hand."

Eso Dike speaks on keeping long beards

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He also revealed why he loves to keep his beards and how long he has had them.

Further, he spoke on what informs his style as an entertainer, and his favourite fashion accessory, among other issues.

Source: Legit.ng

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