Science Meets Fashion: Viral Video of Stylish White Dress That Changes Colour in Sun

Science Meets Fashion: Viral Video of Stylish White Dress That Changes Colour in Sun

  • A lady recently shared a video of herself in a dress which turned pink under the sun
  • In the viral clip posted on Tiktok, the lady is seen in a white dress that changes colour when she steps into the sunlight
  • Many Nigerians have reacted to dress colour transformation with some interesting comments

Creativity in fashion continues to prove to be limitless, and in this era of unusual fashion trends, nothing seems impossible.

A lady identified as @izzipoopi on social media recently got people buzzing with excitement after posting a video of her dress with an interesting feature.

Dress colour transformation/fashion trends
Photos of the dress changing colour. Credit: @izzipoopi (Tiktok)
Source: UGC

In a Tiktok video, @izzipoopi is seen dressed in a white gown, saying, "Guys, remember my skirt that changes colour? This changes colour too," pointing to her dress.

Once she walked out in the sunlight, the white dress was seen instantly changing colour to a beautiful light pink.

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Watch the video below:

Internet users react to dress colour transformation


"Now we get what motivated CBN."


"Na dis kin dress good, so when someone tells ur bf he saw you in a white dress with another guy, you say its a pink dress u wore "


"Awwwwww….chameleon kid."


"So this is where CBN got their inspiration from."


"Any small shadow, cloth be looking like they bleach poured on one part of the dress."


"What did she say in the end??? “Science”… if na my Naija peope dem go talk say na juju… I pledge to naijeria my kantri."


"I would have said I want buy Nigeria sun will make the pink turn another Colour that is not yet defined."


"Me I like the dress oo,so that when you use it to snap picture today ,u fit enter sun snap another one tomorrow,people no go say you dey repeat clothes...The dress is for Sapa Nation"

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"Abeg una get the one wey dey turn from black to white, I don tire to dey maintain white."


"With this kind of dress, who needs many clothes."

Although @izzipoopi didn't reveal what fabric her dress was made of, an internet user suggested it could be 'hyper colour'.


"In the 80s we had clothes like this. They were called “hyper color” it’s not new. "

Thermochromic inks or dyes are temperature-sensitive compounds which were developed in the 1970s.

The dress is likely made out of a mixture of these fabric dyes that temporarily change colour with exposure to heat.

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