Wigs for Men: The Love-Hate Relationships Nigerians Have With Hair Trend

Wigs for Men: The Love-Hate Relationships Nigerians Have With Hair Trend

Wigs have been around for centuries and while women have become the majority of the consumers of this fashion piece in today's world, a lot more men are beginning to join the fun club.

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It is the 21st century and a lot more men are becoming intentional about their looks, and among many things that have once again gone back up on the trend list for men is the acceptance of wigs.

Photos of IK Ogbonna
More men are rocking wigs. Credit: IK Ogbonna
Source: Instagram

While it may be common in the western world, men rocking wigs have not exactly been a thing in Nigeria as it is generally considered a preserve of women.

Women generally tie their value to how they look thus a preoccupation with one's beauty is often considered a feminine trait. This is why men who rock wigs are often scoffed at and teased over this perceived odd trait.

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Why more men are rocking wigs

Well, with well-known stars like Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, Charles Okocha and singer Peter Psquare boldly jumping on the trend, it is becoming glaring just how much more important it is for men to keep up their appearances.

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With the world progressing forward with appealing hairstyles, men suffering from hair loss feel the need to look compelling as others. And it is not hard to see why.

Professional celebrity barber, @topzycut explains that men with receded hairlines 'feel isolated sometimes.

In his words:

"Imagine a man walking to room filled with 10 men with nice haircut and you re just the only person looking with your bald head. Most men wants to move around with their haircut looking sharp because haircut have a direct impact on mental health. Some men don’t feel comfortable with their head bald."

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Mixed reactions to men wearing wigs

Despite the need for confidence-boosting that many men suffering hair loss, male baldness, or thinning hair are in dire need of, there are still people who strongly oppose this trend.

In stories earlier reported by Legit.ng, comments ranging from an outright refusal to date men who wear wigs abound. Then there are men who criticise the use of wigs by men, stating it is something meant for women alone.

Uche (not real name) in a chat with Legit.ng says he isn't a fan of wigs for men as he considers it vain.

On his stance against wigs, he explains:

"Because wigs are work, because they're representative of vanity, and because my looks are impressive without them."

But despite this, more men are jumping on the wig train and doing so unapologetically.

"I get a lot of dm’s from men trying to get hair growth serum to fix their receding hairline (the serum doesn’t work though so I don’t recommend)," says Topzycut.

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A Nigerian doctor, Josemaria, in a chat with Legit.ng stated without hesitation that he would definitely rock a wig if he had a need for it.

According to him, there is nothing wrong with getting a wig to fix one's appearance.

Cost of men wig

However, @topzycut explains that the cost of getting a wig for men is high in this part of the world.

"The only way to have a full hairline as a man with receded hairline is to do the men wig or hair unit. Honestly in this part of the world you will rarely see men on wig because of the cost. It’s kinda costly and the maintenance is very costly and the adhesive used can make it last up to 4 to 6 weeks."

According to him, to get perfect men weave it’s nothing less than N207,000 ($500) and upward.


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After seeing what a little attachment at the top of the head can do for confidence and morale, who wouldn’t appreciate such an improvement?

As a man who wants to look and feel good about himself, it shouldn't matter what people think of these wigs as long as they get the job done for you.

Whether a bald man or a lover of lace front wings, every man deserves to feel good in whatever look they prefer and there's no crime in that!

Source: Legit.ng

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