I Love Dating Men Who Are 60 And Above: Monalisa Stephen Opens Up on Her Relationship Choice

I Love Dating Men Who Are 60 And Above: Monalisa Stephen Opens Up on Her Relationship Choice

Nollywood actress and social media influencer Monalisa Stephen has opened up on her relationship choices. Monalisa Stephen says that as a teenager she was body-shamed, silenced, bullied and frustrated, yet she rose above all to kick off Love Yourself First Movement

The 29-year old Stephen, is a body positivity advocate, in an interview with Legit.ng Rita Okoye revealed why she loves dating older men; ones that are actually in their 60s and above.

Speaking on what she expects from a man that wants her for marriage or dating, she said:

I Love Dating Men Who Are 60 And Above: Monalisa Stephen Opens Up on Her Relationship Choice
I Love Dating Men Who Are 60 And Above: Monalisa Stephen Opens Up on Her Relationship Choice
Source: Instagram

"You have to have money. I came from nothing. I have hustled and still hustling to get a better life so why should I be with someone who don’t have my energy? You don’t have to be rich but don’t be lazy. Let’s hustle together and make money. Yeah I can date a younger person although I like older men.

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Explaining further she said:

"Everyone knows I have always liked older men. I use to be ashamed to say it but now I can say it with my full chest. I love dating older men. And yes, men in their 60's and above. And if I ever consider marriage, I'll end up with men in that age bracket."

On why she doesn't want to get married or have kids, Stephen said marriage is overrated that she would rather have someone and they will jointly enjoy life together without any form of commitment; no marriage, no kids.

"I just want to be with someone and we enjoy life together. He doesn’t have to put a ring on it to prove his love. Marriage is overrated. I also don’t want to have kids. I want to adopt my kids. A lot of kids are out there who don’t have a home. I want to give them a home and let them know how it feel to have a mum and a Family.

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I’m looking at adopting three kids but if I have more money I will do 5. However, for now, I haven't adopted any. I am still hustling because I really want to give these kids a good life. But soon I'll. I already have some that I’m caring for that is not adopted. But soon I will have my first adoption", she noted.

Shedding more light on the vision and mission of her latest project, LYF (Love Yourself Movement) the talented contents creator said:

"The Love Yourself First Movement was created 10 years ago for people like me (Fat). As a teenager I have been body shamed, silenced, bullied and frustrated. I was someone who use to think that she needs some sort of validation to feel good about herself. I was often discouraged because the only true love you can have is the one you give yourself then I realize I’m enough and I only need to love myself enough to know that I don’t need any Validation.

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This movement encourages you to love and feel good about your body, no matter what it looks like and I’m happy about my journey so far. I’m grateful. Our first boot camp comes up March 13 to 16. This movement was inspired by my life experience and that of others. It’s been challenging. I’m being misunderstood a lot of times . But I’m not alone. I have a group of young and determined advocates like me who are in the community and we are also getting support from people. So I can’t complain. It can only get better."

Monalisa's note to married men and side chics

Meanwhile, Legit.ng had earlier reported that plus-size model, Monalisa Stephen, penned a candid note to married women, men and side chics.

Stephen started off her post by noting that she has also felt the pain a lot of women go through in their marriages and relationships.

She proceeded by telling women that none of their actions can stop a man who wants to cheat, however, she told them to focus more on being kind, supportive and simply being the best version of themselves.

Source: Legit.ng

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