Electricity: "What Kind of Solar Can I Set up for 24 Hours Electricity?" Solar Installer Explains

Electricity: "What Kind of Solar Can I Set up for 24 Hours Electricity?" Solar Installer Explains

  • The increase in the cost of electricity has forced a young man to reconsider using 'NEPA' power and go for solar
  • However, the young man is in a dilemma as he doesn't know the kind of solar that would guarantee him 24-hour electricity
  • Amadi Chinonso Callistus, a solar installer, has explained in detail the different kinds of solar installation for full-day power

A man asked anonymously:

"Due to the high cost of electricity tariff, I am considering going full solar for my house but I am at a crossroad as to how to go about it.
"I am looking at a solar installation that can power my flat-screen TV, one horsepower AC and other gadgets for 24 hours.
Expert explains the best kind of solar to install to guarantee 24 hours electricity
The best kind of solar installation for 24 hours electricity. The images used here are for illlustration purposes and are unrelated to the story. Photo Credit: Wera Rodsawang, Nattrass
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"So, this brings me to my question. Please, what kind of solar can I set up for 24 hours electricity?"

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Amadi Chinonso Callistus is an Owerri-based solar installer with four years of experience in meeting clients' solar needs.

Determine the load system's capacity

Firstly, you need to determine the capacity of the load system (e.g., fan, bulb, television, etc) the client has in mind and recommend an inverter size for the system. Know the battery voltage of the inverter to be used.

Regardless of what size of inverter to be used, the battery bank depends on the capacity of the load.

For instance, if a 2kw capacity load on a 5kva Inverter system with a 48v battery will last 4 hours, it will last the same hours on a 10kva inverter system.

Expert solar installation recommendation

Before recommending a system that will run for 24 hours, the load system must be determined and other factors that accompany it (E.g. battery bank, panel size, and charge controller).

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An expert in this field can't just give a quotation for a system without knowing the load capacity. For a 1 room apartment, with a load capacity of 1000W.

I would recommend a 2kva inverter system which the battery voltage is 24v. For the system to run 24 hours, an inverter system of 24V is recommended.

And a minimum of 4 batteries of 12V,200A. And for the panel capacity for the battery, a minimum of 12 panels of 300W is ok. With a recommended charge controller of 100AMPs.

Solar prices differ

Now, people will ask what this solar system costs. Prices differ and we all know that you go to a store and get it at a particular price and you go to another store and get it at a totally different price.

But, an estimate of 24v solar system would be from 3 to 4 million naira. It might be very expensive for some people, but once it's done, you won't regret it. I recommend everyone try and get a solar system as a means of power, it is very reliable and efficient.

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Durability of solar battery life

The durability of the battery bank system also depends on how it's been used.

Mr A may use a (24V/200A) battery bank, and it runs for 24 hours, and Mr B uses the same system, and it runs for less than 24 hours, based on their intellect of usage and regulation.

Man dumps NEPA, installs solar

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a man had installed solar in his house.

The man said the thirst for energy independence made him conscious of how many watts his home appliances consume.

From starting small in 2015, the DIY solar expert (@bigbrovar) has built an energy system with lithium batteries that have 15 megawatts of hours of energy. In a thread he made on X, he detailed every part of his solar energy, quoting his old tweets on the same energy topic.

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